Small Nigrcations of Economy and Society
Examples of technological and social technological decline.

I’ll start:
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Theories of scientific and technological change view discovery and invention as endogenous processes. I think you would all agree with this postulation on its nature. The reason this is can be found in the previous accumulated knowledge that enables future progress by allowing scientist and inventors to, in Newton’s words, ‘stand on the shoulders of giants’. Recent decades have witnessed exponential growth in the volume of new scientific and technological knowledge, thereby creating conditions that should be ripe for major advances— or so we thought. Yet contrary to this view, studies suggest that progress is slowing in several major fields.  It can be found with a little bit of research and poking around that papers and patents are increasingly less likely to break with the past in ways that push science and technology in new directions. This pattern holds universally across fields and is robust across multiple different citation and text-based metrics.

And why is this, why is this happening? I have some thoughts on the matter. It has to conclude with the continuation of ancient seniority based institutions that through such a practice are unable to adapt to modern and future processes that are on the Periphery for innovation. As well as the fact that it is not institution that makes advancement but man, and once they hinder and not benefit him in his endeavors they lose all reason for being. But of course who wants to die, institutions and structures offer enough to those willing to act as ancillary and caretaker that they can exist without the initial inertia that produced them. The second points is morality and wokism. Humans right, animals rights, really all inherently given right based of existing greatly hinder action, especially when they are backed and protected by the government. Thus I have a concern for morality as an impediment to scientific progress, but also academic life as a whole, since the academy is generally an institution for the preservation and transmission of received norms instead of an institution for the discovery of new ones.

But what is the answer to the problems I just listed, I will get with that in a later post.

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Part #2
Quote:The current controversy over technology is reminiscent of that of the Luddite period. We too are being barraged by a new generation of technologies — two-way television, fiber optics, bio-technology, superconductivity, fusion energy, space weapons, supercomputers. We too are witnessing protest against the onslaught. A group of Berkeley students gathered in Sproul Plaza to kick and smash television sets as an act of “therapy for the victims of technology.” A Los Angeles businesswoman hiked onto Vandenberg Air Force Base and beat a weapons-related computer with a crowbar, bolt cutters, hammer, and cordless drill. Villagers in India resist the bulldozers cutting down their forests by wrapping their bodies around tree trunks. People living near the Narita airport in Japan sit on the tarmac to prevent airplanes from taking off and landing. West Germans climb up the smokestacks of factories to protest emissions that are causing acid rain, which is killing the Black Forest.
Soyrage against the machine, but who is the machine?

Quote:As philosopher Lewis Mumford pointed out, technology consists of more than machines. It includes the techniques of operation and the social organizations that make a particular machine workable. In essence, a technology reflects a worldview. Which particular forms of technology — machines, techniques, and social organizatoins — are spawned by a particular worldview depend on its perception of life, death, human potential, and the relationship of humans to one another and to nature.

Like the institution we see the birth of an Egregore with technology, but in the flesh, or should I say steel. It creates a symbiotic relationship with man yet always wants more, to progress more. It becomes an Egregore that wishes to eat its old creator, thus its turns humanity to putty for its own benefit. Technology(the mental made real) is the most profound type of magic to yet exist.

Technology and human sociability are tit for tat it seems, but what can we conclude from this?
Ted K. Was right.

Quote:The system does not and cannot exist to satisfy human needs. Instead, it is human behavior that has to be modified to fit the needs of the system. This has no- thing to do with the political or social ideology that may pretend to guide the technological system. It is not the fault of capitalism and it is not the fault of socialism. It is the fault of technology, because the system is guided not by ideology but by technical necessity. [18] Of course the system does satisfy many human needs, but generally speaking it does this only to the extend that it is to the advantage of the system to do it. It is the needs of the sys- tem that are paramount, not those of the human being. For example, the system provides people with food be- cause the system couldn’t function if everyone starved; it attends to people’s psychological needs whenever it can CONVENIENTLY do so, because it couldn’t function if too many people became depressed or rebellious. But the sys- tem, for good, solid, practical reasons, must exert constant pressure on people to mold their behavior to the needs of the system. To much waste accumulating? The govern- ment, the media, the educational system, environmenta- lists, everyone inundates us with a mass of propaganda about recycling. Need more technical personnel? A chorus of voices exhorts kids to study science. No one stops to ask whether it is inhumane to force adolescents to spend the bulk of their time studying subjects most of them hate. When skilled workers are put out of a job by technical advances and have to undergo “retraining,” no one asks whether it is humiliating for them to be pushed around in this way. It is simply taken for granted that everyone must bow to technical necessity. and for good reason: If human needs were put before technical necessity there would be economic problems, unemployment, shortages or worse. The concept of “mental health” in our society is defined largely by the extent to which an individual behaves in accord with the needs of the system and does so without showing signs of stress.

long story short: social and technological spheres are adverse to each other, thus your whole point is moot.
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