Star Wars: Human Supremacism
Dante in De Monarchia:
Adhuc, ille qui potest esse optime dispositus ad regendum, optime alios disponere potest: nam in omni actione principaliter intenditur ab agente, sive necessitate nature sive voluntarie agat, propriam similitudinem explicare. Unde fit quod omne agens, in quantum huiusmodi, delectatur; quia, cum omne quod est appetat suum esse, ac in agendo agentis esse quodammodo amplietur, sequitur de necessitate delectatio, quia delectatio rei desiderate semper annexa est. Nihil igitur agit nisi tale existens quale patiens fieri debet.

I would translate:
Besides, he who is himself capable of being best disposed to rule is capable of disposing others best, for in every action the primary aim of the agent, whether he acts because his nature compels him to or by free choice, is to unfold his own likeness.
Hence every agent, precisely as agent, takes pleasure in his own action; for since everything which exists desires its own being, and in acting the agent's being is in some sense enhanced, pleasure necessarily follows, since pleasure is always connected to something which is longed for. Nothing, therefore, acts unless it has the qualities which are to be transfered to the thing acted upon.

There is also the Sith Doctrine of Speciesism. It stands in direct contrast to the mixed-species council of the Jedi. When you say that you are a human supremacist you are already an acolyte of nature. You are for a certain type individual with an enhanced being, radiating. You are against the shadow race of nobodies, forever dwelling in their houses in sameness of time. The Light race experiences an acceleration of time, an intensified nature. A Sith Lord does not seek more than one pupil. Everyone besides the dyad is a sucking force, an opening for the shadow creatures.

One repays a master badly if one always remains nothing but a pupil. Therefore one must kill the teacher to acquire his enhanced being. To inhabit the sacramental and  performative corpus mysticum. In deciding the difference of a situation the Sith enhances his being - he disposes others - all the more imperfect images after him. This aura of decisiveness is actively felt be some members of the species - the imitators. The Force is diffused in the large masses, thats why millions should be killed, immediately. Optimal concentration of force is in the individual state of exception. Being human is a title or rank of radiation, it is radically different form merely existing. The Sith model of education also ensures that more true humans are created. Pupils are longer paedomorphic. Stronger transfers of being are possible, because of superior individual plasticity. The mystical office of "sith lord", or "poet master" remains the sole aim. One acts only for enhancment itself, of which the master is the bodily presence. Sub rosa convertimus.

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