Straight homosexuals: a breakthrough in amateur e-sociology
(02-12-2023, 07:27 PM)Zed Wrote:
(02-12-2023, 06:55 PM)parsifal Wrote: who's policing sensitive young men here? am i meant to be policing myself? some of us are not innately drawn to ugly paraphilic acts and it takes no special effort for us to abstain from vice. in fact, it is a pleasure to not demean ourselves.

The implications are not on you, as much as a general remark on culture. I've grown weary of seeing these kinds of insecurity in people. I see it everywhere, in every circle. Ours is a weird age of extreme insecurity/neuroticism existing side-by-side with far ranging normalizations. 'Age of consent' is a notable example of the extreme instability present. I dislike kink culture, not because it is disgusting, but because it neuters the potentiality of transgression. Such transgression can be spiritual, or it can be cheap, mass-market, and filthy. Bataille's Erotism: Death and Sensuality is always close to my heart on these matters, bringing the fore the fundamental relation between sacrifice and sex. One has to resist attempts to diminish and sanitize the act: taboos should remain taboo. Yet the right response is not psychosexual castration and freudian pathologization, yet a quiet warning to take care when dancing in darker waters.

(02-12-2023, 07:08 PM)Haruspex Wrote: Sensitive young men are much more susceptible to self destruction and degeneration than the normal population is on account of their greater interaction with their immediate environment, accepting every behavior and inclination that comes to them is just going to lead to ruination and a great loss of potential. There is in all of us an element of decadence and war of the instincts, and the conquering of this decadence and its transmutation through a unification of will and purpose is the prerequisite to every great man. I do not accept the idea that the elite should not be subject to discipline, if anything they are the ones who really need it because they, more than anyone else, have the ability to meet the standards required to build something greater than themselves and therefore have a responsibility to do so.

Vices are not equal and how they should be treated depends on their nature, since many vices are simply virtues which have not been given the proper context to develop. In the case of extreme sexual paraphilias, there really is no healthy manifestation of them which can be used as a release valve. Public suppression is all that is really needed.

Call me an optimist, but I believe many of the things you object to naturally retreat when external forces of spiritual suppression collapse. We live in a asocial age where loneliness and isolation acts as the forge of sexuality. Healthy sexuality is produced by generating environments where men can thrive, and feel a natural sense of power and control over their destiny. Deviance will still exist, but the IQ shredder won't be burning away the best and brightest - and paraphilias can naturally retreat to their proper place within private sexuality, rather than as a perverse selection criteria for potential mates.
Firstly I agree with the point about kink culture not allowing for real transgression, which makes actual eroticism and intimacy impossible (though it also a problem because its disgusting, and not all forms of transgression are productive or desirable). When everything is open and celebrated, it becomes exhausted and impersonal. Ideally, a society cultivates a strong sense of taboo and social constriction when it comes around sexual interactions which can be transgressed in specific forms when certain requirements are have been met, elevating the lovers through it in a meaningful way. Im particularly fond of the Japanese trope of lovers saying each other's first name without honorifics for the first time, transforming something we take for granted into a great moment of intimacy and bonding. I have much to say about Japans ability to cultivate intimacy but I will save that for another post.

Concerning your second point, it is true that many deviances come from the inhibition of agency, which is actually one of the things I wanted to get at in the OP post. A big part of the RSH is that he eroticizes his own imprisonment and also gives it an implicit moral dimension. Even in the case where modern spiritual poisons are removed, it would still be important to impose on the elite the discipline and the morality for self-cultivation, as well as to give them the power and resources to meaningfully actualize their will. This means that extreme paraphilias would still need to be discouraged and suppressed, even if they would appear in much smaller quantities. Either way, we are not in substantial disagreement I believe.
(02-12-2023, 08:28 PM)parsifal Wrote: actually, fellatio is disgusting whether or not catholics say it is. please refer to the seminal tweet on the subject.

"Don't do anything with your wife that you wouldn't do with your sister."

Is that the one? Smile
no, but that one is keyed.
(02-12-2023, 08:00 PM)parsifal Wrote: so that's why it sounds like pomo nonsense--it is. much as french-jewish perverts might like to imagine everyone who's repulsed by sodomy is some lowly peasant goy the identification with gentry is nonsense wishful thinking. quite the opposite any aristocracy is subject to much stricter mores while the commoners are often left to their own devices. "fetishes" are plainly a mass-cultural phenomenon and should be viewed more like a mental parasite whose effects are a result of being introduced externally to an already-compromised individual and which can be healed with proper intervention.

indeed there are higher expressions of love than sex but they are completely different from paraphilias.

May as well go personal at this point: I see it as a spiritual point. When a lover confesses a desire, I wish to create the conditions that allow her to experience it most intensely. That it may be debasing only raises the metaphysical and spiritual stakes. The conceptions and norms of the world outside are almost irrelevant to this - yet if I feel small weakness in those moments, it comes by a hesitation at the judgement of others. Some lingering ghost I've yet to fully expunge from my soul. At the moment, I feel an intense overwhelming desire to go further, else I find myself a slave to those echoes within. When we are alone after, we find ourselves now further from the world. Yet we are alone together and feel all the closer for it... and I could not imagine wanting to be anywhere else. 

Taking pleasure in the exploration of darkness is a pathology of my soul, but the natural inclinations to resist and defy the constraining norms of social milieu is innate to many of us. In nowhere but the most intimate and personal of acts is that weight felt so deeply.
(02-12-2023, 04:12 PM)Haruspex Wrote: Thanks once again, and do not worry too much about judgement on my part. While obviously an unideal condition I can understand that it was, in one way or another, probably hoisted onto you through formative relationships with women in your younger years. A few more questions, if you don't mind:
Do you remember what your first crush was like, if so, did you exhibit the same femdom tendencies then? Do you think any of your romantic relationships had any effect at all?
Are you a zoomer?
Do you visualize the women dominating you in a particular art style or as real women? If the former, what art style is it, and if the latter, do they usually have a particular form of dress?
What media did you enjoy consuming as a child and early teenager?
Can you describe the environment you grew up in, primarily school?
What's your relationship with religion?

1. First crush was on a half-white half-japanese girl, high school freshman year. She was big into boys and had a boyfriend non-stop until the end of school, which helped me not to say anything to her. I think I discovered this fetish at around the same time, I remember fantasizing about her torturing me. I have never had a romantic relationship.

2. I am 23.

3. They are idealized 3D women, perhaps in early Renaissance Italian style. I like the standard modern leather and latex dominatrix gear.

4. As a kid: Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Joseph Conrad, R.L. Stephenson (sp.?), Poe, Melville, Dracula, Frankenstein. The Foundation trilogy and I, Robot by Isaac Asimov. While in grade school I read much of Lovecraft, and tried to read his 'influences' like Ambrose Bierce. In early childhood I learned to read from the Bionicle books. There was no TV available but I would watch Cartoon Network if available; I liked Avatar, Billy & Mandy, and Ed Edd & Eddy. As an early teenager, I read less than I did as a child, but read similar material. It wasn't until late high school that I diversified what I read (mostly Greek and Roman material).

4. I was delayed at a pre-K for one year due to immaturity. I started grade school in the public system, with attempts to skip me forward in the program stifled by bureaucracy. I went to a Jewish Communist private school to finish grade school and junior high. I went to high school at a public magnet school that had a much better reputation than my home district. There was never a change of address. My parents have a good marriage. As a kid my sister (5 years older) would take my things, come in my room without asking, and insult and threaten me, and this led to a lot of fights. I would accuse my parents of favoritism. When we got older the dynamic became political in a way I felt powerless to resist; deep sibling animosity was in place by my early teens. Both my parents' families are present in the area, but my mother was constantly dealing with dysfunction in her family. I was heavily involved in Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts and spent much time with my father. 

5. I converted to Orthodox Christianity in the Russian mode Summer 2022. I considered myself Christian throughout life. My family life was secular, though as a child my dad read through the New Testament with me, and my dad feels obligated to read the Bible. (Nowadays, he is actually reading it, he used to just wish he read it).

Hope this helps.

(02-12-2023, 05:21 PM)Haruspex Wrote: I dont think a desire to be sacrificed by a gynocratic cult is particularly healthy.

It's definitely unhealthy; I try to avoid that tendency. However, I also try to have the taste for martyrdom that Christians should feel. What I hope is that what I've got can be put to better use (I referred to wanting to sublimate it in my original post) than masturbation. I don't masturbate anyways.
I also just now recalled that in early teenagerhood I consumed a lot of slice of life anime. Azumanga Daioh, K-on, Lucky Star and some others.
(02-12-2023, 10:05 PM)Guest Wrote: Lucky Star

Done in.
I must lol at the anti-missionary idea espoused on page 3.
First off: I am a fake-cel, stone me if you must.
Secondly, "deviance" measured by position makes no sense. One can perform the rote function in whatever position.
Third: Missionary provides for the most skin-to-skin contact besides the reverse situation of cowgirl. And yet women are lower in energy and athletic performance. Ergo, missionary provides the most capacity for skin-to-skin contact as well as full physical power.
Fourth: Sex, at the level of deviance, is not visual at all. The eyes might be open, but one is in a different state of being, and is not necessarily seeing. If you cannot access this state, you will never be deviant.
Fifth: The destruction of the other during the act is most total when done in this way...It has nothing to do with pain, nor wanting to give one pleasure, but is simply the act of transporting the other to that strange place which does not normally exist.
Sixth: "Deviance" is most present previous to and after sex. To be that which a woman would sacrifice everything for, without being anything different at all. Unfortunately, the same will apply to men and homos will attempt to swoop you. What can one do?
Seventh: There is no need to cope for your own fetishistic thinking. Most fetishes expressed online are due to "Lack Of Sex", which is not necessarily your fault in times like now. It is best to consider it your fault if you wish to have sex (although this might cost you other, higher, drives...Still it might help those drives too. Acquire a whore and test it for yourself.)
Eight: Missionary provides eye contact which is inherently more deviant than anything else you can think of.
Ninth: Missionary allows you to kiss on the lips which is inherently even more deviant than the previous act.
Tenth: Missionary is the position of breeding a new land. Compare to weak name like "Doggystyle". Or whatever 'dommy-mommy-soon-I-will-be-faggot-raped-by-jimmy-jonny' fantasies you have. All these fantasies are very similar, very midwit, and not of higher minds. See Depeche Mode (congratulations, you are depeche mode bondage/bdsm guy.)

Consider this a Warning. Missionary is far more powerful than you. I am merely a herald of what is to come. You will be utterly subsumed by the stupidity of your cope if you continue along your path.

Eleventh: Somethings got give




Skin against skin, blood and bone
You're all by yourself but you're not alone
You wanted in and now you're here
Driven by hate, consumed by fear
(02-12-2023, 10:20 PM)Guest Wrote: All these fantasies are very similar, very midwit, and not of higher minds. See Depeche Mode (congratulations, you are depeche mode bondage/bdsm guy.)
(02-12-2023, 10:52 PM)Zed Wrote:
(02-12-2023, 10:20 PM)Guest Wrote: All these fantasies are very similar, very midwit, and not of higher minds. See Depeche Mode (congratulations, you are depeche mode bondage/bdsm guy.)

Recently found out that not only are Depeche Mode not all gay guys, NONE of them are gay. This is highly concerning...
(02-12-2023, 10:19 PM)Zed Wrote:
(02-12-2023, 10:05 PM)Guest Wrote: Lucky Star

Done in.

Woe is me!
(02-12-2023, 08:32 PM)BillyONare Wrote:
(02-12-2023, 08:28 PM)parsifal Wrote: actually, fellatio is disgusting whether or not catholics say it is. please refer to the seminal tweet on the subject.

"Don't do anything with your wife that you wouldn't do with your sister."

Is that the one? Smile

"I'm from Alabama."
(02-03-2023, 05:02 PM)Guest Wrote: There was such a theory (referring to toxoplasmosis and its effect on rats) but it's unfortunately easily refuted when it comes to humans.

Toxoplasmosis has been robustly linked to schizophrenia albeit in as one non-necessary non-sufficient factor in a multi factor inventory. Comorbidity of schizophrenia with male homosexuality is exceptional even for their disproportionate mental illnesses.

"gay and bisexual men showed twice the rate of anxiety disorders and schizophrenia and (or) psychotic illness, even after accounting for mental disorder comorbidity."
"Sexual orientation and its relation to mental disorders and suicide attempts: findings from a nationally representative sample"

I suspect it isn't entirely coincidence. I wonder if I should deworm dykes before breeding. Can't hurt, right?

Oh, my account came through. Pseudonym surprise!

>can't hurt right?
retard question duh worms during pregnancy? forgive me I shouldn't post more tonight

On the topic of fantasies consider the role of existential anchors. The objective, healthy man needs only reality or his own perception to give magnitude to his fantasies. Fantasies of malnourished minds may require recognition of intimacy by an outside other. There were more examples I thought up that fit this sort of role in people's minds but I forget them.

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