Taking off the Blindfold
Atrazine has tweeted about clearing the mind of sensory experience:

Atrazine Wrote:In terms of assuaging sensory overload:

Cloth draped over eyes > Closed eyes in dark > Closed eyes in light > Two open eyes > One open eye

He goes on to explain why one eye open is more work than two and "closed eyes in light" more than "closed eyes in dark":

Atrazine Wrote:One open eye is the worst, I presume, because the brain is trying to reconstruct depth perception from a 2D image. Closed eyes in light are still penetrated by light, giving noisy and distressing quasi-pineal sense data.

Reducing the sensory load sharpens thoughts. What would happen if a cloth were put over other "eyes"?

The ascetic does this by minimizing the input from food, being sociable, the city, etc. He turns the world about by taking off the "cloth" of sensory experiences. He wants to perceive God.

The one resting with a cloth over his eyes is not so directed. He can think of fate or his evening plans or a Gouthiere cassolette.

Paradoxically, he sees more by seeing less. He covers to take off.

The ordinary is charaterized by uncertainty and confusion about objects and ideas. The emotions and ever-shifting concentration blind perception.

What about covering the eyes to see the world better? God, being interested in the world, already had this idea and made the Word flesh.

More recently, Nietzsche suggested the same idea.

Tabulating the above:

"The philosopher of the future"__Toward the world__Christ, Dionysius, Taoist bullet manipulators, Knights Templar
The ascetic__________________Toward God______St. Anthony, Homer, юродивый, fakirs

It's interesting to wonder if this is the meaning of imago Dei.

Which direction holds the best prospects for discovery and treasure in the present? It appears to me that in past ages, the relative simplicity of life aided the god-perceiving faculties. Political correctness could be escaped by an afternoon walk. Right now, there is so much more stuff to clear away or make again. For treasure, repose and leisure being so rare, there will be great gains in knowing the world. The other way is harsher and so better for certain purposes; but why take only the opinion of life-deniers as the determiner of quality?
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I hate to say this, but the main distraction in life is other people.

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