Templist Real World Actions
It has been a long two and a half years of posting, etc, but it can finally be said that Templism boasts a number of real world organizations. These are:

The Geneva Templist Society, albeit this one has existed for quite a while, but has really blossomed in form. It consists of a Fribourg and Geneva branch, which conduct pranks and spiritual hoaxes "for the benefit of the group".

The English Sphere, is about 13 randomly meeting uninitiated Englishmen.

The Belgrade Temple, was set up, or rather perfected, by Amarna's own Svevlad, though it is led by someone else. This is the first actual temple to my knowledge, and it worships the Slavic deities.

The Nis Temple, was established by an acolyte of the Belgrade temple to worship the Greco-Roman deities.

Utah, though not really a clique or a temple, there are two guys in Utah who aspire to create a Mormon Christian Templist society of some kind.

More on this, especially about the Serbian temples, and about the practical manifestations of Templism in general can be found at the publication dedicated to that subject: https://templistlore.substack.com

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