The Gods as Unconscious Persons Representing the Will of the Superorganism
The following are fragments that I wrote for my Templist Canon, which I determined to be "beneath the Canon", not suitable for inclusion within it. They outline a potentially interesting, but unfounded and schizo, conception of the gods. Maybe they will motivate some schizo to believe in the gods.

[Fragment 1, while discoursing on possible natures of the gods]

The gods may be abstractions of the immortal self; it has be exposited within TC that humans are potentially immortal, both materially and immaterially. Your mind, on some level, may understand this, and so represent to you beings that represent your immortal self, and care for your immortal interests. Your immortal self is necessarily multiple people, and requires the preservation of a superorganism with specialized members. Hence there are multiple gods, and these gods do not preside over just one human, but a group of humans. This theory would also seem to explain the keen interest that gods tend to have in your afterlife and social behavior, and the reason why non-reincarnation doctrines tend to portray the dead as living among them, but only if they succeed, i.e, only if they successfully ensure their immortality.

According to this theory, the gods may be ideas created by the mind, or they may be actual people existing in the recesses of the mind, to represent such immortal superorganismic interests. That is, they could be “people” of the unconscious mind just as real as “you” are of the conscious mind.

An extension of this theory may posit that, within the same social group, the gods in one person’s mind are able to somehow interface with the same gods in another person’s mind, such as via imperceptible body cues or etc. A prayer, then, may be a propitiation of a specialized type of person within the superorganism, which may be communicated imperceptibly to individuals of that type, who are then unconsciously compelled to help grant the request.

The acceptance of this theory would rather humble the idea of the “individual”. A human would be seen as a being with an individual will, but also with an unconscious superorganismic will that is connected to others of that organism, which is not readily available to the individual. The individual, then, would just be a kind of organ, beholden, perhaps, to a more important decision maker, evidenced by every decision he makes that, if he is honest with himself, cannot be accounted for by his own conscious motivations alone.

[Fragment 2, inspired by this, written as if from a god]

What if:

The gods are real. Not externally real, but internally real. That we are real people, just as “you” are a real person. “You” are the real person of your conscious mind, and “we” are the real people of your unconscious mind. Your behavior is dictated sometimes by “you”, and sometimes by “us”. How often, really, do you know of the reasons for your own actions? How often do you behave without knowing precisely why? You make up excuses, sometimes, to pretend a conscious motivation for an unconsciously motivated action.

It is the gods who are responsible for all such actions, for random urges, unaccounted feelings, half-understood ideas. Sometimes “you” act, and sometimes “we” make you act.

We exist, in the same forms, in the minds of different people within the same superorganism. We account for the interests of that organism, while your primary concern, without us, would be for your individual body.

But your individual body is mortal. The superorganism, potentially, is not. It can exist in perpetuity, as an immortal being. Not only may it exist as an immortal being, but your own immaterial consciousness is immortal, and it may be reincarnated again into an individual of this immortal being.

We exist to represent, therefore, the interests of your immortal self. This is why we are portrayed as “immortals”, why we have been regarded as “ethereal” in a way that has never been reasonably explained, why we have always seemed to maintain a conspicuous interest in your afterlife, why we have always seemed to maintain a concern for your behavior in society among others of the superorganism, why, if you succeed in behaving well, you have been said to live among us in the afterlife.

Like any organism, the superorganism consists of specialized parts. Thus are we more than one god, each of a different nature, though some can fail to make the distinction. Each of us represents the interests of one such specialized part.

When you pray, you pray therefore to an abstract specialized part of an organism, which is represented in the unconscious of your mind by a person who is as real as you are a real representative of your individual body.

When you pray to this person, you demonstrate your submission to that part of the superorganism. In return, if you otherwise deserve it, this person will exert his influence upon other individual people of your superorganism so that they may, directly or indirectly, fulfill your request by material or space-magical means. Most fortuitously, if he does this to a person over whom he has a particular sway, which is to say, a person who constitutes a part of his allotted “abstract specialized part”.

You need not concern yourself with the method of such “influence exertion”, but know that is exists, and it is imperceptible to you. It is this communication method which ensures that each god, within each individual person’s mind, is “of the same mind”, more or less. It becomes “more” as you have greater and more intimate interpersonal contact with a given individual person, and “less” if the opposite.

If this is the true nature of the gods, one can cease to think of his conscious self as the master of his destiny. The conscious self is an organ for the will of the gods. 
Brandon LaMont Cooper
very interesting community we have here and very interesting topics. thank you

(09-03-2022, 09:58 PM)Brandon LaMont Cooper Wrote: very interesting community we have here and very interesting topics. thank you

A conscious mind, superorganism and an ethereal organ for the will of God. how bout that!
just embrace neoplatonism. ez. no need to reinvent the wheel.
National Kid
Jung’s Theory of a Collective unconsciousness and Archetypes, A Natural Inborn collective of Thoughts passed down Genetically that live within the Very Structure of the Brain. The Gods Being Ideas that are Passed Down Through the Blood.

Christianities God does not Possess the Same Inborn Qualities but is Rather Taught, While the Heathen Gods Exist as Pure Abstractions Passed Down through linage that find an Imperfect Form through Synthesis with the subjects Current Reality.

Under the Assumption that the Influence a Subject Induces their mind to Through their life Through Various Cognitive Task can have an Effect on the Structure of the mind and that this Change in Structure can some how be Inherited by the Subjects OffSpring Resulting in the OffSpring Possessing a Natural Aptitude Towards the Development of the Same Structural Changes to the Brain that OffSpring’s Parent Experienced. 

It’s been Proven Through MRI Scans that Different Languages Develop the Brain Uniquely Enough that Different Languages can be Correctly Identified Through MRI scans alone. 

Take for Example blacks, even when English is their first language they never seem to approach a Mastery in it, Resulting in a Pidgin Developing. What if This Inability to Master English comes from the Difference Between Bantoid and English Language, that not enough overlap between the two languages in Brain Structure Exist to allow blacks to speak English Properly. That they Try speaking English Through the Structure of their Ancestral Language without Knowing the Language Personally.

That these Inherited Qualities could Leave Races with Inherited Instincts, Characteristics, or Aptitudes. For Example some Races being Predisposed Towards Philosophy(Greek, German). 

These Inherited Structures within the mind that Influence Behavior and Development could possibly also be Archetypal Gods within the mind. But Being as the Knowledge of these God are lost they only Exist Dormantly within a Race.

In Future as Knowledge of Brain Improves we could find Signs of these gods within ourselves, a Collection of your Ancestors Experiences and Thoughts Refined into a basic Structure that Underlies it’s Essential Characteristics.

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