The Real Story of the Tulsa Race Riots
We all know that the  story of the “Tulsa Race Riots” is black atrocity propaganda but it always helps to know the specifics. I read the 2001 Commission’s report the other day and found that the nigger narrative is wrong even when you look at a source kowtowing to their perspective. The basic gist of the pro-black narrative follows here:

Dick Rowland, a black shoeshiner, was falsely accused of sexually assaulting Sarah Page, a White woman and taken into custody. That night, a newspaper article circulated around the White community of the town calling for the lynching of Rowland. A White mob showed up to the Greenwood courthouse in response, things got violent, and a riot began. The white burned black Greenwood down, destroying a once robustly prosperous and independent black community. Deaths numbered in the 100s, the Whites using everything from aerial bombardment to machine guns to decimate the town.

Needless to say, almost all of this is false:

>For one, the official casualty number determined in 1921 was 36. The much higher figure of 300 has no verified sources, and the mass graves they claim are scattered around the outskirts of the city have never been found.

>No contemporary blacks or Whites ever called Greenwood, Tulsa “Black Wall Street,” the term coming later from Booker T. Washington. Greenwood Avenue, Detroit Avenue and the Lacy Sector were the most prosperous parts of the black area of the city, home to a handful of black professionals and rental property owners. Even in these black areas, most of the property belonged to White owners (one was a lawyer named Earl Sneed), and they would claim the most in damages after the riots. Most black residents were employed by White business owners as janitors or in other service capacities.

>There is zero good evidence for any airplane bombings during the riots. These claims are based entirely on the words of 2-3 black observers. Indeed, the only two military planes in all of Oklahoma were grounded the day of the riots.

>There is no evidence that the state was involved in perpetuating the riots in any way; in fact, it was cleared of culpability in Redfearn v. American Central Insurance Company (a White owned business). Sheriff McCullough had marshaled men to prevent a White mob from forcibly seizing Rowland, and the National Guard was mobilized to end the riots in the town.

>No copies of the notice that allegedly called for the lynching of Rowland exist in print, nor was any mention of it found in the microfilm of the paper. No such notice was ever mentioned in news reports in the days after the riots. 

>The riots themselves had begun not when the White mob arrived at the Sheriff’s office and the court house, but when a group of black men, fearful that Rowland would be lynched, arrived to intimidate the White mob with guns. In nearly every witness report of the event, it is noted that the blacks shot first.
"It would have been far cooler if it had happened as the official narrative says it did."
The "Tulsa race massacre" was in 1921 and Booker T. Washington died in 1915, so he can't have coined "black wall street" later.
(05-14-2022, 09:26 PM)Trep Wrote: The "Tulsa race massacre" was in 1921 and Booker T. Washington died in 1915, so he can't have coined "black wall street" later.

I knew that sounded immediately wrong on its face but didn't bother to look any further.

More generally, the need to get a *real* story out on this issue feels a bit too "dems are the real racists" for my liking. Is there anything wrong even with the official libtard narrative in principle? It's a story about proximity producing tension which exploded into violence which whites dominated with superior organisation and assets. Still seems to serve as a decent warning. Maybe even a potential rallying point if you want it that way.

If you want to really correct some history on race relations I'd recommend maybe a thread going into stuff like The Zebra Killers and the *real* history of the civil rights movement.
And now can someone do "The Real Story of Emmett Till"?
Niggers playing victim, nothing extraordinary

This video has an entertaining if short recap of the events.

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