The Sharpening of the Will
My current obsession is the sharpening of the will: how can one assert full control over oneself, to always obey one's highest part and ignore one's lower parts? Is the will like a muscle which can be exercised and become stronger? Is it more like a reserve of energy which needs to recharge? I am not talking here about becoming accustomed to something, and therefore whittling away initial resistance from unfamiliarity (e.g. becoming used to lifting weights having never done so before) but about the general/global ability to force oneself to "obey oneself," so to speak.

If any of you have attempted to sharpen your own wills, what has been most effective for you? Physiological changes, like diet and supplementation? Simply doing and overcoming hard things on a habitual basis? Changes in mindset/motivation? Extreme experiences?
Over the course of my life I've found two different routes to improving willpower. The first is Aristotelian habituation, basically repeatedly practicing small acts of discipline until it becomes a habit and then something preferred. I started taking cold showers to the point where warm showers make me feel uncomfortably decadent, I have no idea whether it brings health or #HightT benefits but it means I start my day feeling like a hyperborean who's better than everyone else. I've fallen out of this habit but I used to say the rosary every night before bed and I think it just made me more in control over and conscious of myself over the course of the day, knowing that I would reflect with God by the end of the day. 

The other route was very directly by throwing myself into competitions. I'm naturally inclined towards reading books alone in my room all day, but, inspired by 2015 era BAP posts, I started throwing myself into weightlifting and athletic competition. Athletic competition, especially individual sports like fencing or tennis, are a great catalyst towards self-mastery. Unlike the inchoate motivation for taking cold showers or something, when you're signed up for a contest or a bout you very urgently need to dedicate yourself to hours of training and exercise because if you don't you run the risk of being eventually humiliated. Also, the feeling of victory in an individual athletic contest is profoundly intoxicating and inspires one to take up more demanding challenges to find an even greater 'high,' if you will.

I realize a lot of this is run-of-the-mill normalfaggotry but I thought I'd throw in my two cents. I don't think anyone who reads this forum is in danger of becoming a 'dumb jock' failed normie from getting involved in sports.

But really prayer is the simplest answer. Like Richard Williamson said on the BAPcast, just say the Rosary brah.

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