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Thought I'd open a general discussion here on how we feel about the way the site looks and handles. Better than occasional comments in the shoutbox and I feel like this should be a distinct discussion to the suggestion thread.

First off I'll say that the site becoming wider was huge for me at least. The old narrow style was probably the main reason I couldn't settle into the place. I really like this but am aware of other preferences, maybe we could do options but I feel like this should be the standard.

Then colours. I found the original red a bit much, the new teal/blue is much easier to look at, but I think I still find there to be too much white. Also the teal doesn't harmonise too well with the old amarna banners.

Next, the banners. I like that we saved several. Will we make new ones? Do we generally like how the top of the site looks? Should the banners be centered? Should we design new ones on a blue theme or will we perhaps change the blue?

Last thought, how did everyone feel about how old amarna looked? I personally liked how there was little white and generally not too much colour. Was like various shades of paper. I don't know how much thought Sphag put into that and how much was just how that old forum thing made everything look but I think it was a good generic forum look.

All things considered for now I'm pretty happy with how new amarna looks. How about everyone else? And of course I'd like Chud to see this thread since he's the one putting in the work. I'm sure we're all very appreciative of what's been done so far and the continued effort to work on the site after getting it up. As has been said in the shoutbox already it seems like we're actually alive again, this feeling is what drove me to make this thread. We're alive, now we can concern ourselves with being good.
I too enjoyed the papyrus-y look. Losing the icons for read, unread, etc. was also sad. Made it feel Egyptian.
Trying something a bit daring with the background. Lemme know what you think.
An improvement over the white I feel, but it doesnt match the teal banner. I think we need to change the teal.
How's this?
Maybe a lighter green? Also, would it be possible to have it be a uniform color at the top without the shine?
Add banners!
It looks nice - easy to risk overembellishing it and making it too visually 'busy'. Maybe a simple vector logo in place of the banner wouldn't hurt.
We are now UNDERWATER. My goal was to create a "futuristic" "Cindy" theme w/ a compact, imageboard-like feel. I think I've succeeded.

Converting the site to Dark Mode was a tedious process, and some bits of text have likely been improperly converted, especially those having to do with the editor and post markup. Please point these out in this thread (along w/ any other rough spots).

By the way, if anyone could make a better marker for read vs. unread forums, it would be much appreciated. I initially intended to make it a Sonnenrad (white for read, black for unread) but didn't have good enough art skills to compress it to the necessary size. The sprite sheet can be found here.
Been screwing around a whole lot. Tell me what you think.
Much more readable, I like
Is there a way to implement themes? I would prefer dark text on a light background.
Yeah, a selection of various themes would be a great option.
I know it's asking a lot but a papyrus colour-scheme/theme would be nice. But then maybe I should just accept that old amarna is gone.
(03-29-2022, 07:20 PM)anthony Wrote: I know it's asking a lot but a papyrus colour-scheme/theme would be nice. But then maybe I should just accept that old amarna is gone.

I'm currently trying to figure out how the hell MyBB's theme system works. When I've gotten the hang of that, I'll enable selection between two themes, Lindy (Papyrus) and Cindy (Underwater Base).
Lindy theme is up, you can switch between it and Cindy on the bottom. It's a bit of a clusterfuck right now tho
I like the speed with which the site loads. I would place this factor above most others. The Lindy color scheme is fine, soft colors are good. The banner at the top is a little weird but it doesn't matter.
(11-18-2022, 08:18 PM)BillyONare Wrote: [Image:]

Lio Fotia is an excellent idea and I like the colourspam. Unfortunately I suspect this has something to do with faggotry. Still we could co-opt it and say this is just futurism.

Also it's funny to just put faggot stuff on the front page of a site like this. I endorse this one and want it in rotation.
I was thinking by about putting a Star of David or something on it too, but I wanted it to look at least somewhat sleek and aesthetic. Plus we have Israel-chan in the corner already.

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