Twatter Drama Megathread
About half of the last forum was glorified subtweets. While I expect the trend to continue here, I want it all to be contained in this thread, out of consideration for those who want to discuss other things. Twatter-drama-related threads and posts outlside of this thread will be merged into it.
I'm confused, is he impersonating Gueguedese from amarna? Or are they the same person? No need to ban them until they do something overtly suspicious
I think he and Gueguedese are the same person. What's the nature of the hosting service this site uses? Will we get janny'd by mass reports?
He's not Gueguedese. He's always changing his online names and pfps to those of various people who catch his attention. He's told me that he's Kuchean (western non-Han chinese) before.

As for Amarna, I'm pretty sure he just started saying he killed it after seeing that my twitter name was 'Amarna Refugee' because he likes having some particular point to throw at everyone.

And as for how he writes, it might be an affectation he picked up somewhere from another online person who fascinated him, or it might be a broken linguistically gifted and curious mind trying to write complex sentiments in English via literally deconstructed and translated logosyllabic thoughts. By that I mean, I think he might have an original style of translating Chinese into English. I like him even though he seems to have turned on me.
It hurts my feelings that he is this smart (if you’re not trolling). I always skimmed over his rageposts.
I've spoken to him on discord and he's dumped obscure pdfs on me about things like the histories of obscure western asian peoples. I don't know if he actually reads all of this stuff or if he just hordes data and vomits it out randomly.
He is also reading this thread. I know this to be true.
He tries to dox everyone he encounters. He tried to do this with me at some point and he did this with Hakan, spreading information about him when he got suspended by dming people. He literally does not consider what it means to you, he sees you as mere bits of information or a piece of art. He is also not able to think in abstract terms, he can only work with references to concrete objects, extracts of text or citations. He has some notepad or screenshot tool at hand all the time and copies everything you say to him or anyone else, and he's probably exhausted every wayback link of every user he's obsessed with at this point. He is intellectually retarded in this sense, and you cannot appeal to him with anything other than information about you or other people he "likes".

He used to play as if he were nrx Jim before he became specially fixated with me. At the time he was only ridiculously verbose, and a few months after I blocked him for the first time on twitter (Feb 21) he started to communicate with his idiosyncratic mix of gibberish, so I assume I broke him mentally or something (more than he already was). He contacted several people, including Sphag, to convince me to unblock him. He would dm me asking to be my slave, to tell him things about old users, etc. Then some time around Christmas I blocked him again on the basis of him just being too annoying. He hates me forever now and stalks me through an incognito tab, trying to report all of my tweets. I wouldn't be surprised if he's done this to more, but I'm clearly an exception because his last account was dedicated to me (despite hating me) and my tweets, and keeps using my usernames and Sakuya as his avi.

"This is dsg. Cheers."
Nobody knows who I am are neither do you. Maybe someday you'll figure it out, or maybe there is no answer I have never come across to anyone else as quite as threatening as that passage makes me sound,
i think some things can be inexplicable without being insidious
You don't behave in an inexplicable way. I just described what you did in the most prosaic and unthreatening way I could. The way other people perceive probably has to do with how right wingers like to find solace in insane people.
'He is also not able to think in abstract terms, he can only work with references to concrete objects, extracts of text or citations.'

You have never even known the hummed whistling of encoded intoned triphthong Arhoticity concentricity postvocalic consonant subapical coronary corneal coronal laminal laminated flatulence of relativizer inanimacy to complementizerization passivizing resumption encrustation of heavenwarded
abdominal winced Hymenoperantetraera finite permutation representations
you're an Oxyops vitiosa weevil of
Melaleuca quinquenervia you can never apprehende the metaphysical corepresentable functor of canonical surjection linkage disequilibria with equivalence partitioning infinite spaced cardinal omnidirection of my understanding in your  pompous imagination that is
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I know fully well whom and what I am and I hate myself moreover and more omnianauttaraquasiaussersoseinattavaoloppayaīßvarasīvarapranodhanavārtaccqsarionaliationalizationalisedinalsensenberiihrungspunktgegenstandesise
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Sense  carapaceanaplasmaincompossibilizationaliparathenongeneconnexionalisaconcententationalisaprepossessedorthodoteleomechanicise of tears I never did anything as insidious and apprehensibly charred to zolbar as you have said
I think it is very weird that he is using my tweets. Some of them were imitating things Zolbar said but some were just me.
Zolbar has something going on and he is not going to bothered about this archive of his stuff until it’s over
Atrazine Goblin has been asked to take them down directly though by people that are contrarepresentably contravariant functor Corepresentable to zolbar that aren't me.
'he is intellectually retarded in this sense, and you cannot appeal to him with anything other than information about you or other people he "ikes'
Abstract terms? I can do just fine with them
Better than  Viscoelastic Torsionally fractured presheafed
constricting ingressions nematicidal Meloidogyne Contransformational Caenorhabditis elegans like you ever could you know nothing about me and have no power over me ConfluenceanisatonalisadipthongalisassositiavitivitysationalizationalidyschondroplasiamandiblecraniosynostosismitderbildungsAbweichungationalised you
dyscheiria Hallermann-Streiff syndrome MANDIBULO-OCULO-FACLAL DYSCEPHALY I understand you quite well though I was rather aggrieved but now that I now what a hyperconformist quasipsuedoconformal boring and hyperrarhinencephaluetardantpefigurationautoimmemorialinjunctionalisaimagingsupracladastationalimissprefigurationautomemoriaegenereexcultusKephaliapraktiosArapacanathebifibrationalise prephantasmgamoric codling moth you are I will no longer be bothering wasting my time on you anyway
'he is a genius and one of the most important accounts on Twitter'—zolbar on me
'Hes a vortex I  consider him and Anthony to be the most important poster's '— Sphagligation on me
it is plausible, empirically, that independently i say that, both on a cultural and personal basis, whether a meaningful division or not they both think I am a genius your lack of adulation is nothing Apomictic Boechera holboellii You're FUD i kill you nigger
They were wrong. Btw you should post on the account you made using one of my previous twitter handles @onnissokeris
Having trouble telling which guest poster is who. Who is the first guest who is denouncing Watahashi?
(03-05-2022, 07:38 PM)anthony Wrote: Having trouble telling which guest poster is who. Who is the first guest who is denouncing Watahashi?

I've color-coded them by IP, to make the conversation easier to follow.
(03-06-2022, 05:38 AM)Chud Wrote:
(03-06-2022, 04:52 AM)Guest Wrote: I don't think Watashi killed the old Amarna Forum, which was almost certainly taken down by regular janitor patrolling, which is a common recurrence as I, unfortunately, found out later. (This is Sphag, of course)

Why don't you log in?

I am still on retirement, and I have to recover my password, on top of that.
“Zero Follicle Wignat posted Hakan from the Amarna Archive. It’s over. We will be overrun by Norwoods and Skinsuit Groyper will kill all of us.”
(03-09-2022, 06:37 PM)Earth Rabbit Wrote:
(03-09-2022, 11:38 AM)Vitilitagation Wrote: Okay, I will ask:

can anyone draw an Elon Musk Groyper for me?

[Image: f.php?h=1WU1GWSY&p=1]

How's this?

(did you mean to make a remark? - chud)
(03-09-2022, 07:40 PM)Trep Wrote:
(03-09-2022, 06:37 PM)Earth Rabbit Wrote:
(03-09-2022, 11:38 AM)Vitilitagation Wrote: Okay, I will ask:

can anyone draw an Elon Musk Groyper for me?

[Image: f.php?h=1WU1GWSY&p=1]

How's this?

[Image: elon-groyper2.png]
It's good but I think you gotta add the cheekbones and jowls.

Eh... looks too old and decayed. Loses the impishness, imo.

Wrath of Gnon, you are a faggot for posting green energy propaganda.

It was bad enough to water down your content and stop being a white supremacist. It was bad enough to endlessly post pictures of high IQ homogenous societies and pretend they are cozy and beautiful because they have different ideas about architecture. We cannot have that in the anglosphere because there are millions of niggers in every city with a license to kill from Soros DAs and instilled with homicidal racial hatred by the media. And you never acknowledged this. But it’s okay to lie by omission. We all have to make a living. I know you are on the payroll of a DC think tank now.

This goes beyond lying by omission. You are outright posting enemy propaganda. You are posting about solar panels as if they actually serve a purpose and that global warming is real. Not only that, but it completely goes against the ethos of your architectural content. You bitch and snark if some building in America isn’t ornate enough or if two buildings are too far apart. Solar panel farms are ugly and create a giant ecological and sociological dead zone to produce less than zero electricity (they consume more than they produce). And you are posting propaganda to convince people they are funny and wholesome Chungus.

A Japanese man would kill himself if he did what you did.

I am going to explain all of this to Peter Thiel. He is not the biggest fan of green energy or two-faced hypocrites. I am going to find your boss in DC and show him a binder of archived tweets from when you were a white supremacist. I am going to spread them all over the Internet. I am going to get you fired.

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