Ultra-Militarist MAGA
Amarna seems quiet lately. I will break the silence with Ultra-Militarist MAGA groyperism, a comprehensive imperialist ideology that seeks to bring Trump to the throne of America just as Caesar was brought to the dictatorship of Rome. Only, this time, we will succeed.

The Ultra-Militarist manifesto is here: https://archive.org/details/ultra-militarism-groypius

I believe this manifesto represents a distillation of Amarna-thought. Amarnites have these ideas, but they have not yet been codified. This is a codification of essential Amarnite philosophy, with some new material that you may not have thought about before. For example, concerning the economy, the national debt, the Federal Reserve, or the feasibility of a war with Mexico.

Ultra-Militarism is the only solution to our current problems, with Trump being embattled by hostile forces that seek to bring him down. It is clear that a democratic solution is not possible. We need another solution. It is desirable that this document be propounded everywhere leading up to the 2024 election. Trump needs a codified "base" for his imperial ambitions, or someone to give him such ambitions. He cannot be expected to astroturf his way into power. There must be a group of people who are prepared for exactly what he must do.

I did quite a lot of research to prepare this document, and I hope that it is up to standard. I created it as a consequence of recently attending the CPAC conference, where this sentiment abounded completely yet nobody was able to describe what a Trump autocracy would actually look like, and clearly everyone was too scared to formally put forth such an idea. I believe it was because they lacked a structure to guide them. It is easy enough to say that you want Trump to be dictator, but once you are pressed on the question of how that will manifest, if you don't know the answer your confidence will be shaken. This provides that confidence.
Its never going to happen you stupid nigger. Enough with this Templism. You didn't attend CPAC you idiot.
The Author did attend the CPAC fyi. His resolute to win is formidable.
Sorry, but, as an Aryan man, I only voot for people who represent my interests as an Aryan man. That precludes me from vooting for Israel Firsters. Trump had his shot in power, and did very little for the people who elected him. He did a lot for Jews and Billionaires, so if they want to install him on the throne that is all well and good, but no Aryan man has a reason to care one way or the other. We have no representation in the US government. Not one person will speak for our interests or problems or concerns. We should not pay taxes, we should not voot, and we should not care about politics since it does not care about us.

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