Unmemorials Since A.D 1945
I have noticed a pattern in my time browsing through modern public works a pattern that after study seems quite clear but the disagreement with it  as far as I know is only in terms of vague gut feeling. That being after WWII in the field of military affairs but in every cause worth such a thing there have been barely  memorials worthy of the title since that final year of conflict. I will illustrate with one example that even with the highness of the event it is supposed to honor it found itself the target of much bile-from the very ilk that would put up and design such a thing in the first place.
The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

[Image: https://i.imgur.com/EUeCw5o.png]

[Image: https://i.imgur.com/vmgDQcR.png]

There are many facets from tortured years long process to the multiple heated debates in German government over it's aspects of what was a simple matter of course of making a new memorial in a newly united Berlin, various other scandals a very amusing one to me is the one over this fund raising ad
[Image: https://i.imgur.com/hLzrHMS.png]
"The Holocaust never took place"
but above all what interests me is how its a failure. On its Wikipedia you can see criticism mainly in various ways it is not proper to the True Faith
It's Not Orthodox Enough Wrote:The question of the dedication of the memorial is even more powerful. "In its radical refusal of the inherited iconography of remembrance, Berlin's field of stones also forgoes any statement about its own reason for existence. The installation gives no indication who is to be remembered. There are no inscriptions. One seeks in vain for the names of the murdered, for Stars of David or other Jewish symbols"

It's Not Orthodox Enough Wrote:Eberhard Diepgen, mayor of Berlin 1991–2001, had publicly opposed the memorial and did not attend the groundbreaking ceremony in 2000. Diepgen had previously argued that the memorial is too big and impossible to protect

What interests me is there's another angle of course its very design and appearance are such that in the nation where only Israel can be seen as more upright in it's peoples knowing of it, passer by disrespect it repeatedly and constantly from urination of the homeless, to street parkour, to various other damages-it is not seen as a memorial something somber but as a totem that you may use as a photo to get points or treat like any other public space not worthy or respect or where you are not being watched. Such cases are ripe to examine in my view as we see the intersection of modern history and the works it is used to support and the wider society those works reflect. Discuss the narratives of these places their bizarre look and what end do you think they were made for. Feel free to bring up any other monumental art pieces that aren't memorials as well-as long as it was done for the public spirit.
The OP is borderline incomprehensible.
I've always found the 9/11 Ground Zero memorial to be very ugly. WTC 1 & 2 were two of POWERFUL buildings ever built, and when they came down, the memorial that was decided upon was just making the foundation of the buildings a big fountain.

[Image: https://cdn.getyourguide.com/img/locatio...peg/70.jpg]

The building that replaced the Twin Towers is equally ugly to me, it looks as if someone nocliped both the original towers together and painted it all this inoffensive blue steel. Admittedly, the center is not nearly as bad as OP's, but it does show the remarkable decline in the aesthetics of New York within a relatively short amount of time.

The decline in monuments is as much a reflection of our lack of aesthetic ability as it is the incorrect assignment of memorialization. Historical monuments are almost exclusively of a victory; a triumphal arch, a hero's hall, even monuments for abstract concepts like peace were usually celebrating a war-won peace. Now the only thing that gets monuments is victimization; the holocaust, 9/11, etc. Even modern wars, when memorialized, are not triumphant, but typically memorializing only the dead.

(02-23-2023, 10:13 AM)Kuman Wrote: The OP is borderline incomprehensible.

Makes sense to me.
Vietnam War Memorial
[Image: http://res.cloudinary.com/simpleview/ima...4fd7d4.jpg]
This memorial is not only ugly and un-aesthetically pleasing but was also made by a chinaman woman diversity hire. 

The minimalist design and lack of any praise show the sentiments of the commie that approve it. 

“Look your not a hero, you didn’t take the call of duty when it came. Your a name on the wall.”

Just a very demoralizing display and should be destroyed.
(02-23-2023, 10:13 AM)Kuman Wrote: The OP is borderline incomprehensible.

You will need to elaborate as I and it appears others do not see how it is incomprehensible.
It's because heroism and reverence for ancestors are banned (because they are anathema to the ruling regime).  Modern "memorials" are either puling declarations of victimhood or desecration of enemy territory, usually in combination.
The Northwood Gratitude and Honor Memorial is a memorial in Irvine, California.
[Image: https://storage.googleapis.com/clio-imag...47675.jpeg]

A memorial for the troops that died in Iraq and Afghanistan. Although slightly libtarded this memorial is only un-aesthetically pleasing(probably taking tips from the Vietnam war memorial) and not meant to dishonor those who died.(unlike the Vietnam war memorial)

This is testament to the aesthetic decline and loss of desire for heroic qualities. It resembles a mass grave(which is technically what it is) vs some heroic act of valor they sacrificed their lives to preform. 

I can’t tell if the lack luster design is due to disagreement with the war itself(like that they shouldn’t have participated) and thus the need to display them as victims of some disaster or if the post 1945 attitude towards war has a greater effect on the designs nature.

(02-23-2023, 07:54 PM)Unformed Golem Wrote: It's because heroism and reverence for ancestors are banned (because they are anathema to the ruling regime).  Modern "memorials" are either puling declarations of victimhood or desecration of enemy territory, usually in combination.
So True! They fear any form of White pride as the nature result is that of White power. It is a peoples pride in their noble heritage and ancestors that give shape to the race.(although the higher men, Aristocrats, of a race are more genetically determined then socially) 

With out such a determined Identity it is common for those lower member of a race to become confused and lose their nature causing the race to fall into decadence.(lower members=socially determined, higher members=biologically determined) 

Any true memorially filled with reverence of ancestors would cause normies to reject juedo-negro decadence making the collective superiority of the white race once more known.
The Norwood Gratitude?!?!?!?
(02-23-2023, 10:55 AM)Datacop Wrote: I've always found the 9/11 Ground Zero memorial to be very ugly. WTC 1 & 2 were two of POWERFUL buildings ever built, and when they came down, the memorial that was decided upon was just making the foundation of the buildings a big fountain.

Ground Zero I have never found fitting its only saving grace is the massive cartoon pen known as the Freedom Tower makes it look good by comparison.
The conservative rag(I call it that in a playful manner) City Journal ran a article comparing the memorials in the suburbs around New York made for 9/11 victims to the then delayed project.
Shows a running theme I have found in this subject local out of the way fare usually has more respect and taste.
The one of their selection I liked best was this
[Image: https://i.imgur.com/0BGUdR0.png]
Quite the contrast to a pool. I encourage everyone here to post more examples of this phenomenon and their thoughts(And maybe for contrast what things should be).
(02-23-2023, 10:13 AM)Kuman Wrote: The OP is borderline incomprehensible.

It's not that bad, but it does read a bit like a half corrected draft. The point scrapes over the line and now we have an interesting discussion to have for it.

I feel like the Vietnam memorial comes closest to saying the quiet part out loud. That being that there's no I in team and nothing great or glorious in anything white people have ever done or will do. The presentation is so stark and negative, the thing stands like a physical black mark on American history. And the approach, just a list of names, also feels fundamentally unamerican. Every individual experience and achievement smashed down into a characterless scratch upon the great black mark.

This is how the underman views both history and achievement. Nobody did anything that matters, the world is beholden to forces bigger than us, great man THEORY, nobody matters, events drive themselves, you do not matter, stop being a narcissist, you aren't and cannot be a hero, etc. And of course the other half of the issue, the vietnam war, and any pursuit where anybody even could distinguish themselves, is in some way unsalvageably morally compromised and can only be remembered with shame. Because that was money and energy that could have been towards increasing the world's gross niggers per square footage.

Two halves of the thing. Niggers and Communism. Humanity as an irrational and retarded collective rabble slowly being guided by historic forces towards global nigger communism. The regime does not want to build anything which reflects anything but this. The spread and solidification of this ideal is slowly strangling cultural life to death.
Two different Korean War memorials

[Image: https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/5078...f34d_b.jpg]

[Image: https://previews.123rf.com/images/emkapl...5-1999.jpg]

The Washington one has a heroic quality to it. The statues also look really cool with their raincoats. 

Same war, completely different mood.
To look at how to do it right, when traveling in Ireland & Britain I was struck by the monuments that punctuate many of the towns. World War I in particular lent itself to many small yet noble monuments. Most cities in England have a Cenotaph, a single empty tomb in a square. Shows a monument can be poignant without being big retarded park with a reflecting pond and a bunch of names.
[Image: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/c...notaph.jpg]

Even smaller than a cenotaph is the standard "Soldier's Memorial" that's everywhere, especially in Commonwealth countries. It's really quite easy to make a "good" or "noble" soldier's monument. Plinth, soldier on top, carved honors. Important to remember this, and therefore, that it's very intentional that modern war memorials look bad and ignoble.
[Image: https://www.cheminsdememoire.gouv.fr/sit...in3bis.jpg]
[Image: https://artmuseum.williams.edu/files/202...scaled.jpg]

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