Only a fool seeks for the fountain of youth when he should be having children. Perhaps the next culture has already been born, or it sits somewhere embryonic, obscure, ignored, colossus potential within it. If it does, we should seek it out. But beware. To you, my over-civilized reader, it will seem frightfully crass and barbaric. A Mongol to the Han, a Pict to the Roman. Born in mud and blood it will grow, in time, into high art and supreme accomplishments. It will colonize Mars and extend its rule beyond the reach of our sun’s gravity. It will have its own central symbol, its own mortal sin that will eventually fester within it and bring it down. You are not a part of this Culture, not yet and maybe not ever.

[Image: berserk-eclipse-berserk.gif]

I am asking you to pledge your allegiance to something that has not been born. Something your children may see only the faintest stirrings of, which in a hundred years may not have yet come into its full might and glory.
Beautiful and inspired as ever, Billy <3

Whatifalthist is a spiritually Hindoo sperg who unfortunately often confuses "reading a lot of books" with true Wisdom and Insight, not to mention the mental chains hoisted upon him by his inability to escape a fundamentally liberal & anti-racist frame, but this is a very interesting video about potential future Civilizations of Man and how, where, and when they might emerge. These are the sort of things that no other big history channel on YouTube would touch, but a truly powerful 'tismlord of this sort can and will due to lack of caring for outside perception and appearances.

I think that this sort of very long-term perspective is good to keep in mind... to not get caught up in the current events of America vs Russia, America vs Europe, West vs East, Christendom vs Islam etc., but rather to look onwards and outwards toward the Great Tomorrow. I often think to myself that Ours is an Age of Decay and Dust, wherein all things have become old and tired, and are in need of a great Divine Renewal. This is the Pattern of History, and indeed that of Nature - when the Titanic powers of the last era become too tired, corrupt, sclerotic, and stiffling, they must be overthrown in great Fire and Struggle by their own Children, who then become the Gods of the New Age. This happens in Mythology, Family, Nature, and so on.
I did not write it. Out of context from Aidan Maclear article that I thought was cool

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