Usury Free "Banking" System?
Could anyone explain to me how a usury system would function? I've been researching Sharia Banking, and trying to find out more about the supposedly "High Finance"-free financial system of the Third Reich but I have not been able to find anything concrete on the "labor reichsmark" that was supposedly backed by German labor.

I've been envisioning a community led by a church (read: cult), which borrows from a cult bank and pays it back reliably in order to grow and take over the business niches of a town by putting goy shops out of business. The cultists only shop at cult owned shops, and some of the goyim do too because they have lower prices or higher quality. The financier benefits from having a safe, reliable creditee with effectively infinite growth and scaling potential (a fast growing cult), the church benefits from getting accelerated growth from loans and underwritten by its tithes. The bank can then issue banknotes within the community to help drive labor costs even lower by decoupling from the USD, which drives prices lower and accelerates the bankrupting of the goy-owned shops in the town, feeding back into the primary debt cycle fueling the bank. The bank can offer bank accounts and debit cards for the convenience of all the cult members and goyim who are employed by the shops that pay partially in banknotes instead of USD. This then allows the bank to take a nominal fee (heh heh heh) of 1% on most transactions taking place throughout the town, which bankrolls even more loans to the church. While this system described isn't entirely usury free, it is basically making all its money on the 1% fee since its loans get paid back very quickly. It's about as beneficially symbiotic as a banking relationship can be, at least for the in-group. The goyim get absolutely fucked and forced to convert.

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Anyway tell me about a cool usury free system I could implement instead in this town which is not actually hypothetical.

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