What Are Gen-X? (ADoseofBuckley Case Study)
A Guest had an idea I quite liked. A case study on Gen-X Norwoodism focused on the youtube character 'ADoseofBuckley'.

Guest Wrote:
anthony Wrote:
Guest Wrote:A thread about the YouTuber "ADoseOfBuckley" being a representative of many of the worst and most 'wooded out aspects of Generation X. An avatar of everything bad about the "South Park libertarian" personality type. Epic and irreverent rants DESTROYING pop music and also those stupid fucking conservative bigot chuds and also incel weeaboos. A pedantic and petty style of humor along the lines of CinemaSins nitpicking. Sardonically doing an enlightened centrism moment by saying you support NO LIVES MATTER instead of just condemning the chimp outs.

I think about this guy now and then. Remember that he existed. But in my mind he's in 2012 or so and can't leave. Did he still exist beyond then?

>But in my mind he's in 2012 or so and can't leave.
You can compare ADoB to another e-personality who hit the peak of their relevancy around 2012, TJ Kirk aka TheAmazingAtheist. TJ Kirk's disposition and outlook toward the world shifted with the evolving landscape. He was involved in 2015-16 anti-SJW zeitgeist and the Classical Liberalist alt-lite, and nowadays I believe he is some kind of hobo looking "anarchist nihilist" trying to appeal to ancom trannies as well as the type of people who call themselves Boogaloo Bois and have a pride flag on their wall. ADoB is contrasted with this; his very existence is anachronistic. He is like a person who was put into cryostasis.

I vaguely, vaguely remembered this guy from around 2012 or so and just checked in on the state of him now.

Dare I say stunning AND brave.

[Image: image.png]

Yeah this is about what I expected of the man who calls "Karen" a "cunt" on the internet.

This guy brings to my mind the question of to what extent the rage and edge of his generation, and that of basically everyone up to Gamergate or so could be called honest. These guys who were had something to say and were ready to call out the corporations and klansmen who were undermining American life. Before the internet really going big and blowing up controversial issues to the point of their being unavoidable I sympathise with a lot of ignorance. Especially since in the 2000s (again up to maybe gamergate) I feel like this trend was starting to catch on. New atheism was maybe touching the edges of some fun ideas like eugenics. You were maybe allowed to comment on some things stupid antisocial people had in common (I feel like moldbug's comments on race used to be a lot more direct and edgy).

What I think happened here, it looks to me like this guy is a 2000s edgy internet guy who just stuck his head in the sand as social and political consciousness evolved in genuinely new and dangerous directions all around him. This guy's work is so old that I can genuinely believe that when he started he believed that Karen was what was wrong with America. Maybe he really liked American Beauty. But now of course he has to know better. But he arguably has more of an excuse than anybody else of his cohort in that he's basically a radio host who needs to not say anything illegal to keep his job. He is a reassuring presence telling fellow faggots and sellouts that there is in fact a cool enlightened central position which puts you in no danger and makes you smarter and morally superior to everyone else.

That's what this guy looks like to me based on my minutes long refresh on what he's been up to since the minutes I knew of him ten years ago. Please if anybody has there on thoughts on him I would like to know more. And I'm curious how the generational question is seen here. Did this cohort of Americans/westerners just fail and amount to nothing? Were they remotely admirable? Do you like anything about them?
This Is How Gen X Will Be Remembered:

[Image: 0x5pzziaknux.png]

the Boyd Rice Experience — Hatesville! (1995)

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