What is Dark MAGA ?
Little a wide swath of you brilliant guys on here, I am a fan of the Dark MAGA meme. First and foremost, it's the right and just aesthetic for the declining days of neoliberalism. It invokes cold-hearted revenge -- the type of revenge the Biden regime has earned through incompetence and malice. Dark MAGA also makes one hope that Trump and his coterie have learned their lessons, i.e., accommodation with neocons and the uniparty is not possible. It's either takeover or get swallowed. The name for smiling faces is done. 

But I created this thread for a simple reason: what does Dark MAGA mean to you and what are its ideal forms? 

For me it is akin to something that I wrote in my book Full Moon Reaction. Namely, the United States is a land wherein multiple Northern European bloodlines intermixed (English, Scots-Irish, Dutch, German, and Finnish) amidst a foreboding wilderness. This bread a type of dour hardiness that is so often associated with the Puritans of the Massachusetts Bay. Those same Puritans saw the New World's woods as teeming with "devils," and even the non-Puritan settlers of Virginia, Pennsylvania, and beyond had a deep interest in superstition and magic. Dark MAGA then would be a return to an older America -- an America more fundamentally religious, rooted, and serious. These are attitudes required to correct our obvious decline. 

I also think Dark MAGA has a strange overlap with cryptids and New Age kitsch, both which are predominately American obsessions. This strand is much harder to articulate, but can be connected with conspiratorial thinking and Internet-derived populism. 

What are your thoughts?
Funny memes imo.

Trump on all levels is a boomer without the spineless political dweeb-theatre kid personality. Voted for him twice because he was able to completely obliterate the mythology around our "leaders" being all knowing and powerful untouchable beings. January 6th and Qanon energy mainly did this*

Life was simply better under the Trump admin and the fact a boomer gameshow host with no "political experience" (gay term) was able to revive the economy after the doldrums of Obama made me believe this country is being sabotaged. Already imagining hyper emotional 5% spencerites adjust their glasses before typing out how Trump was actually a Jewish plant the whole time but they're missing the point. There is no "going back" to this westwing fantasy of that was completely shattered. Pragmatic Trump was a victory. Fundamental Trump was incredibly semitophilic and weak during the last quarter of his presidency and I wouldn't hold out on him pardoning the january 6th crowd.

Dark MAGA "works" because it can send the left into a state of disorientation where they constantly juggle the idea that trump is either an evil genius or stupid idiot and come off looking like fools. The left/biden admin whatever only have the power of saving face through arrogation, censorship and astroturf. Jan6th rioters are getting waterboarded because they committed the greatest sin & took that power away. Remember when black DMV workers were rigging the count and Biden came out with his broadcast standing on a podium titled "Office of the President Elect."?
It's basically some sort of "what if Trump and the MAGA movement went underground or was like a mafia" and mostly an aesthetic of sorts, but now it shifted to "Trump should become Hitler" basically
What I take from it is it's an endorsement of doubling down on all of the elements the media hated about Trump. More vulgarity, more 'telling the truth like it is,' more combativeness. In 2016 Trump said he doesn't go out of his way to attack people, he's only a counter-puncher. Dark MAGA is the idealized hope that Trump truly goes on the offensive. It's a countersignal against the people who have abandoned Trump in favor of Desantis or other GOP figures, who talk about creating a 'multiracial working class'. Basically people who what a more passionate/conscientious conservatism but also want to leech off the energy of the 2016 'dissident right' movement.
The image that pops into my head thinking of #DarkMAGA is a squad of black tie goons with colt carbines and a Q emblazed on their hats coats etc entering a DC private school for pre schoolers. No more games but what a not ignorable section of Trumps base manifesting in the Q movement among others want him to become a archangel of vengeance with no quarter for the swamp creatures. This desire manifests from phrases such as Lets Kill Brandon to the various dark edits of Mr Trump. Nothing more to it really.
[Image: 3RVIe13.gif]

“Power changes its appearance but not its reality.”― Bertrand De Jouvenel
Pretend he is Barron.
(04-02-2022, 09:22 PM)BillyONare Wrote: Pretend he is Barron.
Hey guys, I am writing an article on #DarkMAGA for Countere. Are any you comfortable if I quote someone of you?

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