Why Do People Hate on Wikipedia so much?
anthony Wrote:You guys know what's great? Wikipedia talk pages. That tab at the top of the screen above the article. Any subject you see or suspect interference in, go into the talk pages and watch the voluntary stalinist janny overseers at work. Wikipedia is a de facto public resource and these people are our de facto Ministry of Truth. If you want a recommendation to get started why not 'Gamergate'?


Yeah, these large and overtly political pages are battlegrounds for this stuff. Wikipedia does have some good pages for technical stuff like math though.
Even if Wikipedia was not clasped in an iron grip by a cabal of unpaid communist tranny jannies, it would still be a terrible way to engage with a subject you're passionate in. Like X accounts who post "funny" factoid image macros about a certain period of history. It might be useful for summaries, if it was de-ZOGged, but little else.

If the entirety of your engagement with a subject consists of Wikipedia and image macros, I do not believe you actually care about the subject. In all likelihood, in fact, you are forcing yourself to "like" it as a remedy to a perceived lack in your character, because, in ZOG, everyone has to be a passionate intellectual studying something or other, even if essentially none of them are actually cut out for it. Poseur culture.

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