Why Toby Fox is NOT a Pervert
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We make it to Snowdin, and the real challenge begins.

Despite me trying to do a purely textual playthrough of Undertale, I discover that this is far from enough to win the challenge and that I was far from "getting" the victory conditions - that is, realising the wretchedness and mediocrity of Toby Fox's millenial soul, that, by the point I met Sans, I should already be there. My build had a key weakness that may prove fatal, and in order to beat the challenge I decided to use what I call the "sociological" strategy: some people call this strategy cheating, but I just think it's an alternative way of winning. I restarted the game, this time I thought of naming my character Ness, but I refrained from it because I thought it disrespectful, and instead picked up Yukio, a japanese name. Walked through the ruins, killed Cow Mother by accident, reloaded a save, spared Cow Mother, and kept heading to Snowdin.

[Image: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/LYS8Ef17E5g/maxresdefault.jpg]

By the time I encountered Sans the Skeleton I was already ready to hate him. To train my stats, I had been grinding by repeatedly updating the #sans tag on Tumblr, and could already relate his character design and manner of speak to several 2006-2015 online subcultures that would eventually spearhead the faggot movement - and I had seen so much pornography by this point to make sure my eyes were more than accostumed to detect the spiritual sickness within Sans. This part took many more hours than playing the game itself, but I knew that the moment that skeleton shook my hand he was going to die. Not in reality, by which I mean in game, but in my head, as I am still aiming towards a True Pacifist run for the sake of this challenge.

The battle starts,

[Video: https://youtu.be/LYS8Ef17E5g?t=60]

After not laughing at the fart sound, I immediately reacted against Sans's clothing by noting that despite being a skeleton, there's nothing in it to make him look like the embodiment of death that he is supposed to be representing: he's wearing a hoodie, not a leather jacket, and at no point Sans looks like he could rape the protagonist, which is something a walking skeleton might reasonably do. The defenses of the game have been vastly lowered. This is a good set-up for the following big move, in which I press that one of the games core downfalls is the hypocritical lack of any real aggression. Children's tales used to include cannibalism in them, this game doesn't look made by a child, but rather, by someone in his early 20s. Someone already rotten. I can easily cheese the game now. I win against Sans, because of course I do, I get no experience because this is a dialogue and not a fight.

After Sans is intellectually destroyed, the game is wholly defanged and this challenge turns easy. Snowdin becomes a cakewalk in which I am free to compare every screen negatively to something made formerly. Assured in the game being a result of the millennial malaise, I am able to just skip all the Papyrus puzzles: against reactionaries you can always win with quick enough reflexes. After making sure to have the game well tied as a product of western decay, which renders this challenge null: gameplay wise, I am a God, and pretty much unstoppable. This challenge has become a speedrun. I am sorry, everyone.

I cross a millennial town built without any japanese funding, and I go through it as fast as I can.

[Image: https://oyster.ignimgs.com/mediawiki/api...wdin10.JPG]

The level ends with Papyrus's boss fight, but I already grew immunized against his lack of commitment to its themes (which are hate of violence and hate of difference). Papyrus means nothing to me, for I know nothing truly good could come out of him. The game lacks any artistic integrity, and hence it's very easy to be on the offensive whenever we risk not getting it. This is how I beat Undertale. While I started the challenge believing that this game would be a steep mountain to climb, it turned out to be a hole in the ground. 

And now, to the final blow: I mercy Papyrus by telling him that his fight was just "okay". Nothing special. I say even that I find it a bit exciting towards the end. I tell him that it's a solid effort by one man, and that at the end of the day, despite being far superior options out there - it was still interesting to play. This is the final strategy to win this challenge: mercy someone can end a fight in a far more conclusive manner than destroying him. EarthBound taugh me this.

[Image: https://www.wikihow.com/images/thumb/7/7...4.jpg.webp]

I know the challenge is in my hands now, and I am filled with determination. But also, I blame now this game and the ilk who like it for being the reason why Rockstar Studios hasn't give Kikiyama a deal yet, and after twenty two hours of playing, and angry about it, I call it quits for the day.
There are many different ways of posting on Amarna, and equally there’s as many topics to make threads about as there are people on the internet who have nothing better to do than write amateur commentary. From writing another poor psychoanalysis of trannies, to writing book reports about games, movies and figures you hate for “sociological reasons” to even writing essays about why masturbating to anime boys and furries isn’t gay because brown merchants sodomized boys in the Oasis of Siwa a few hundred years before the word “gay” existed.
But in this post, I wanted to do an unique challenge, a challenge I have not yet tried after months of posting on Amarna. Today, I want to answer the question,

[Image: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1...UTOFIT.png]

First, for the purpose of this challenge it is important to define what constitutes “getting out”, and what constitutes “something”. We could just post a lion or the suicide boy with the swastika reaction image under posts which are vaguely based but tasteful and still get nothing out of Amarna, we would be wasting our time, and so, we will leave for a later challenge in the series. In order to “get something out”, I will need to find as many ideas for a post as my years of analyzing and lionizing people I intensely dislike on /lit/cord and twitter will allow me, and failing to write a single phrase catchy enough to be eventually stolen by someone else on twitter would entail losing the challenge. As there is no in-website means as of 2023 of testing whether my post has explicit mass approval or not, I will only consider this challenge a win if atleast 4 people from the Paradise Hotel 51 discord server DM me to congratulate me on my post and a world record if Atrazine himself screenshots the post and uploads it to the Amarna Archive.

I open the newest thread to see if there’s anything worth replying to. We aren’t even past the OP, but the challenge has already begun.
[Image: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1.../image.png]

Getting something away from the OP would put us on a very good position for the rest of the challenge. I get to work immediately, and I began taking notes on whether the OP is sufficiently pro-Japan or not, his opinions on anime and if his taste falls into one of the pre-determined categories I made with my friends. I find a lot to write about, but then realize that my friend Elvis has already written a sufficiently scathing response. I realize that only adding onto his post with further insult will net me the disapproval of my peers of totally sovereign individuals, as finding homosexual furries *too* distasteful could under a certain light seem like normie sadism, so I move on after sending Elvis a DM telling how much I enjoyed the post and confirming I got all the little jokes and owns he peppered through it. I suck up my losses and move on to the other replies.

Scrolling through the thread and I begin to lose hope. There’s nothing of note in the thread so far since Anthony hasn’t given his conclusive opinion, so all the users who have gathered on the forum since its been abandoned cannot decide whether to fully agree or disagree with Lavranson. I consider calling it quits and switching to writing a new thread about the differences between Mexican, Filipino and Indian Japanophilia but then I ran into this post,

[Image: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1.../image.png]

Immediately I thanked the stars and human design for my good luck (God isn’t real) and began to get to work. It was agreed about a month ago on a DELOS voice chat that analyzing a game by its plot is retarded, and Anthony seemed really sure of it when he said that so I know he’s right. I thought about writing a Dhar Mann dialogue to deride the coaler for his moralisms, but then I realized that Dhar Mann had no longer been part of the dialogue meta for over 4 months now and the lack of likes on the forum meant that people couldn’t tell that I had owned him. I decided that I would later on share my dialogue idea with my /lit/cord friends, Skorr and Nefastis, who would obviously get how funny the post and moved on to my next idea.

I was stuck between choosing to write a strong put down of the post which would reference several video essayists who analyze games just like this and then spend 80% of the post talking about why said video essayists are retarded or if I should write a high-minded satire of the post which would demonstrate how wrong the post is through ridicule. After checking the Amarna archive to see which types of posts get screenshotted more often, I ended up settling for the latter though I am confident that Atrazine is sycophantic enough to screenshot the post regardless. Because the post reminds me of a video essayist I don’t like, I decided to rewrite the post as if it was a script for a video essay, which would completely destroy it through association.

I finish up the post and feel confident that its going to be uploaded to five future archive accounts on twitter atleast. I rest back in my chair and wait for the DMs from my trusted friends to arrive, but then doubt beings to creep in. Didn’t Elvis already critique logocentrism and visual illiteracy in his original response to Lavranson? Was my genius multi-level critique enough to make the discord notice it considering how I didn’t even reference Hitler or anime once? 

At this point, I was too unsure of my victory to stop posting, so I decided to make a follow up before going. Doubling down on the post might seem distasteful and may even provoke contrarian lionization, so I decided to switch targets. To show how independent minded I am, I decided I was going to attack Anthony, who’s opinion I can perfectly predict because I would write the exact same thing if I actually decided to write my opinion of the game. I lightly make fun of, enough to show that I’m not part of any reactionary communitarian clique but not too much as to make sure he knows we’re still on the same page as two media analyzing geniuses.

Anthony DMs me and tells me I’m doing some very advanced posting. This fills me with determination, and I upload my second post. I realize that I had been posting for over eight hours today so I close the site, call it quits and decide to sociology-watch some Aaron Sorkin on the paradise hotel 51 server vc to cool down.
There's many posts in AmarnaForum: some are long, overwritten nonsense, and many others are the same. Sometimes even, someone even tries to be funny by provoking a violent reaction to others. Today, I take the bait, and try to answer the question,

[Image: https://i.ibb.co/bzNK0Gb/GETSOMETHINGOUTOFIT-1.png]

No, you cannot.

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