Why do people (usually women) focus so much on weird specifics when they get mad?
Hey guys, don't have time to update the blog tonight but this is something that's bothered me for a while. I've noticed that when people get upset about something and want to show you how upset they are, they usually focus on one specific detail that isn't itself especially important. Women seem to be the worst about this, but I've definitely seen guys do it too. Here's a few examples to give you a better idea of what I'm talking about

-At a get together a few months ago Patrick made a 9/11 joke, and Macknzie's friend Ellie said something about how 3,000 people died. When he said it was a joke and he wasn't trying to offend anyone, she repeated that "it wasn't funny" and that "3,000 people died," emphasizing 3,000. It definitely sucks that it killed so many people, but it would be just as sad and wrong if it killed 500 less or 500 more. There's definitely been much deadlier disasters

-At my old job my boss bitched at me for being late and sometimes would emphasize how many minutes I was late, as if 4 or 6 or however many minutes were especially bad

-While I was picking up some junk at my new job the lady who owned the home we were at, which was basically totalled by a tree that fell on it, mentioned that the tree "even broke her TV" several times, as if it that proved the damage was really bad. That doesn't make sense because that seems like a pretty easy thing to happen in these sorts of situations and because the real reason she had a right to be upset was the fact that so much of her house was damaged, not any particular area 

Why do you think people focus so much on little details when they get mad at stuff? My best guess is that they think it makes their complaint sound more official
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Limited options in the NPC dialogue tree. I have noticed the repetition too. Some people really like saying the same thing three or four times over the course of 30 or so minutes of idle conversation.
Have you ever tried this before? It’s very effective. Once you’ve established a wrong that you’re interlocutor is willing to except you just need to keep saying that point repeatedly for the argumentative KO. 

For example, let’s say it’s A’s duty to clean some thing. “A” accepts this as their duty and understands that by not fulfilling their duty they have broken some rule. Both A and B agree that to break a rule is to deserve to be punished. So when B sees that A has not cleaned said thing they will confront them on this and try to shame them. After B has established the main point all they really need to do to silence any talkback is to repeat a small part of the main point like the predicate of the verb. “You didn’t clean the thing.” Because an incessant “the thing, the thing.” 

Although it’s redundant, because there is no need for further argument, the redundancy becomes a valid form. Why women do this more is because of the shaming aspect. Something something about how women’s speech only developed to shame small children.
When there is no eloquence and flow in speech the ugly repetition of the same point is the only thing that remains in women's rhetorical arsenal-the reason why I hate listening to women.

How could listening to women speak be bearable? You give them a book of your liking and ask them to read, tender the bride greater the delight would be!

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> Why do people (usually women) focus so much on weird specifics when they get mad?

Because the only reality is that of particulars.  The nominalist perspective is correct; abstraction is an artifact of cognition, not of the world itself. 

And regarding women, they're biologically evolved away from conceptual thought.  That is the domain of men.  The more sexually dimorphic the race, the more pronounced the effect, ie the "dumber" its women.  Are you gay?

This is voiced from the normative perspective wherein "intelligence" equates facility with abstract thought, the domain of men.  Analytical juggling.  You could restate the observation from a different perspective wherein the highly analytical is a weakness.  Inability to catch a vibe.  Autism.  Absence of social grace, forfeiture of its soft power.

Or see the progressively bred-out yenta for a different evolutionary path. Notice the lack of sexual dimorphism among the 4 foot race. What does that portend for their women?

Maybe you can come over and talk philosophy while we shave my chin and upper lip.  Later, I'll let you root around with the lice in my snatch until you get what you came for and go away hating yourself. 

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You'd have to erect a religion just to keep the damned race going.

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