[Image: https://i.ibb.co/wwxQ4tJ/image.png]
[Image: https://i.ibb.co/g9nPxtk/1.png]
[Image: https://i.ibb.co/KWTKKKz/2.png]
[Image: https://i.ibb.co/Mks2YJK/3.png]

1. Mentally ill wignat says he is going to kill himself.
2. Hundreds of leftists start bullying him, telling him to do it, etc.
3. Meredith points this out.
4. Wignats get angry with Meredith, start jerking off leftists in the comments.

The above screenshot is the second highest comment. An LGBTQ leftist with bronze age pulp fiction/wignat aesthetics tells Meredith "Actually he killed himself because of fascism", a fascist wignat replies "You're totally correct, except it's not fascism it's capitalists destroying the fucking environment! Death to libertarians and neocons!", then they start half arguing half praising each other for their amazing leftism.

This is a great example of wignat psychology. They are broken and resentful eunuchs who want to help leftists destroy civilization. They hate successful people so much that they refuse to see leftists as enemies even when they are bullying one of their own into killing himself. Post-leftists, turd positionists, etc. are the enemy of European people and the enemy of humankind. There is no reasoning with them. They are nothing but spicy communists.

[Image: https://i.ibb.co/R7vCWCq/goldenrule.png]
Being a wignat is when you believe that BIPOC magically make the region they are in “bad” because of their low IQ, but also are extremely emotionally attached to the socialist economic policies that only blacks, low IQ people, and women vote for.

I unironically believe that if only high IQ white men voted then the United States would be an explicitly anarcho-capitalist country within 5 years (because it would quickly develop a culture where rational and progressive thinking is more venerated).

Utopia for wignats like Eric Striker, Joel Davis, and Keith Woods is physically removing all of the nonwhite races, but still letting them vote for Shieldmaiden Elizabeth Warren and Papa Bernie from outside of the country so that white people are continue to under the yoke of collectivist and feminist mediocrity.
I know the Democrat voting and welfare shilling is a natural outgrowth of the "wig" part of the equation, but does this apply to the feminism as well or were they memed into it?
Taxes and inflation are 100x more damaging to the white race than “The Great Replacement”. Tucker Carlson should stick to economic issues and owning SJWs with facts and logic.
Large numbers of wignats are leftists who got hit with the 85 iq 13/50% data memes.
Richard Spencer people, biology pushes them to ressentiment but Mr Alt Hype and his youtube videos lock them into the far-right.
Same type of people that were Sargon and far right people when the YT algorithms permited that content to exist, and are now leftists because YT changes the channel, NPCs, slave-mindset.

They ARE leftists, that which makes them right wing is a coincidence and not the innate property of them.

(05-07-2022, 07:17 PM)BillyONare Wrote: Taxes and inflation are 100x more damaging to the white race than “The Great Replacement”. Tucker Carlson should stick to economic issues and owning SJWs with facts and logic.

Everything is not economics.
Having your city be ghettoised will damage a society just the same if you earn 10k or 100k, your child can still get groomed in private school.
All white people would be making 500k in an ancap society. They could simply move to Colorado, Montana, or Utah.
when are we going to stop accepting this corruption of "grooming" as a term? grooming is good, girls should be groomed into good wives for their future husbands, and boys should be groomed into succeeding their fathers. the problem is not with grooming as such but with pederast faggot recruitment.
(05-08-2022, 10:57 AM)BillyONare Wrote: All white people would be making 500k in an ancap society. They could simply move to Colorado, Montana, or Utah.

Libertardian posters just hate the idea you need to use force, blood and cruelty are the origin of all good things
Money is only valuable in its ability to become power
You cant peacefully "move" away from parasites, you have to expel them either way
High rent doesnt stop squatters or street ghouls
Just saw this thread now, actually. That account's since been zapped by jannies.

The term "wignat" has been thrown around so much that I don't know how useful it is anymore, but the group you describe is more or less what I meant in that tweet as well. The people who would do anything BUT describe themselves as racists, Nazis, supremacists, etc.

It's all avoidance. It's all cowardice. They want leftists to say "well now look, I don't agree with everything, but he has some good points, and is kinds cool!" 

When leftists define themselves around blacks, trannies and generally a resentment against excellence in general, thus is is an utterly delusional attitude to have.

Funny enough; lots of leftists QTd my post, saying "Well DUH! Of course we do!" presumably ignoring my point for an easy "dunk." I said the same thing but they pretended my attitude was one of shock or surprise. Retards.
Just noticed that CNN is now capitalizing "White" people.

This might be old news, I don't follow this stuff, but from what I last remember they were capitalizing "Black" but not "white". Apparent explanation of the standard change is here, from last year. The explicit intent to paradoxically maximize ethnic conflict is clownish as always I guess, but what I really found funny is the convergence in usage from opposite ends, for the same reasons.

The horseshoe theory of cringe.
I think what mainly separates wignat racism from a superior type is that the wignat doesn't have real values. He cannot actually judge races according to his values. He may call niggers dumb and ugly but ultimately his racism is basically grounded in a moralized Darwinism. "Passing on genes is good", "protecting similar genes is good", "I'm on team white because I'm white." Obsessed with demographic change at bottom for it's own sake. If a wignat were black he would be a retarded black nationalist.
All racism when actually expressed will have hints of both but I do think ultimately it has to be grounded either on values (whatever the content, origin, or justification) or "team me."
Jews then, are the strongest "wignats..." Interesting how that works...
I don't know if what I said actually coheres exactly with the common use definition of wignat. I just noticed it and didn't feel like making a new thread. To clarify, I'm not against self interest itself.
Quote:I'm not against self interest itself.
What is your point, then? Is self-interest not sophisticated enough compared to a more scientific kind of racism?
Scientific racism is kind of like the whipped cream on the cake. It's not the main thing, you don't really *need* it, but it makes it better...
(06-01-2022, 05:11 AM).Guest Wrote:
Quote:I'm not against self interest itself.
What is your point, then? Is self-interest not sophisticated enough compared to a more scientific kind of racism?

My point is not against self interest, but against collective interest and invented morality/imperatives based on extrapolations of Darwinism and pretending to be something objectively compelling (at least as the ultimate basis for things). When you appraise some race as dumber, uglier, or incapable of higher culture etc. (whether using the scientific method or something else), and some combination of these discoveries makes you racist, you are becoming racist by evaluating races according to values. Racism based on "they're not my people" is something different, requiring no investigation of the world or any real values at all. Obviously we can't expect people to give up self interest, but even in some hypothetical where current political events/demographic changes/crime/economic stuff had no chance of ever having an effect on me, and I was an orphan humanoid alien with no chance of reproducing and a genome unlike any current race, I would still be racist (assuming my mind remained the same). Likewise I don't find the most admirable individuals from other races to be the ones who shamelessly advocate for their racial interests (like a wignat might, "they're just being honest and advocating for dey own, just like us, based Malcom X").
I don't really follow what you just said, and I'm inclined to disagree anyway, as there is literally no such thing as "racism" - it's just "recognition of reality." You might as well tell me "Marxism is a science" for all the good insisting "racism" is real.
According to modern progressives, "racism" means "white people being mean to others" and not the other way around, so I don't think it matters. Being scared of this term and backing away from it never works, so might as well embrace it.
More like "white people existing, even if they hate their race." It' s not about backing away or being scared of it, anyway. I do not care one bit if some shitlib wants to think of me as "racist." The problem with the term "racism" is that it is in fact used as an insult to what is a valid concept, explicitly to attempt discredit it.
[Image: https://i.ibb.co/5kR60sf/image.png]

I am not sure what the original argument was about or who is claiming that no one said "nigger nigger nigger" after Charlottesville, but I shall make a few points to clarify reality:

Saying "nigger nigger kike nigger nigger" does not excuse you from having decidedly unbased beliefs like being pro-socialism (see OP of this thread) or cucking on the woman question (The WQ).

The reason that that everyone senses that Race & Consciousness, Will Westcott, etc., even if it's hard to explain why they get this sense, is that if they were a fed, absolutely nothing they say would offend their managers or HR ladies. You could even say that they say nothing that is truly politically incorrect. "Nigger kike nigger, I hate 'em all...because of uh purely spiritual reasons! I just hate 'em because of their skin color and I'm racist. and down with the Jewish Capitalist Bankers hoarding all of white man's money!" is completely vapid and devoid of any facts or logic. It does not truly offend or thread any leftists because it has nothing to do with The Truth. And their HR manager can sleep soundly at night thinking "wow Will Westcott is doing a great job hating other races for absolutely no reason at all, because there is no good reason to have any non-leftist beliefs". Someone who puts forth elegant, logical arguments about race/crime/IQ, or in favor of homeschooling and Laissez Faire capitalism, or explaining why it is important and urgent to abolish age of consent and rape laws is going to make their handler and HR lady think they actually ARE a dissident rightist pedophile (because a white man being extremely familiar and interested in these facts and arguments obviously is) and would swiftly have their fed career terminated or be socially ostracized in Washington DC.

Jim knows this.

Quote:Entryism was a problem from the beginning, and became a hugely bigger problem when Christianity took power. State propagation of power into enemy state through the state faith was huge problem in first temple Israel. State sponsored entryism became a big thing shortly before World War II. Nonkin groups have been dealing with entryism for a very long time. There are well known and highly effective methods whereby synthetic tribes can deal with it.

With Information Epoch Warfare beginning, it is about to become an even bigger problem. Shill tests work. They work bizarrely, improbably, and unreasonably well.

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