Words That Annoy You
Sakana Wrote:
Virtue Wrote:"Only people with anime avatars have anything of substance to say, it serves as a marker of being an intelligent young man. Your profile picture depicts a witless looking creature, your post reflects this."
"The Detective does not have to listen to the pointless anklebiting of cowards who strongly resemble peasants."
[Image: image.webp][Image: final.jpg]

You're supposed to put the quotes above the images, like how I wrote it, you retarded nigger. If you attack The Detective, have all your eggs in order.
This place is not twitter, and I am not attacking the detective, I am very fond of him actually, also physiognomies speak for themselves, Erika's avatar and the cow's.

Also the only reason pictures are below in dialogues is, because the Modern Winthropian dialogues were posted on twitter first.
In VNs usually text is below the character sprites.
"Dude" is definitely the worst one that I hear way too often. It's simultaneously a word which implies a lack of vernacular maturity while attempting to express some vague notions of still "being hip."

While not a word in particular, any casual practice of using too many swear words never sounds good. I usually see this in socially underdeveloped millennials.

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