You’re Going To Need A Few Grand
For when the niggers come.

Getting sufficient water between you and them is the only hope.
You don’t need anything big or complicated.

Remembering when the norwegians took Ireland.
Sailing is a very enjoyable pass time. The wind in your hair, the ocean spray that keeps you awake, pure freedom. I remember Seeing lots of dolphin and whales when I would go out. Although if the niggers do come I would much rather be on a yacht then on a tiny little-bitty sailboat.
Bleggs fear the water.  Shtetl bugs too. 

Things get very Aryan very quickly.  

The girlfriend you deserve but will not have- 

This doesn't have to be difficult. 

Get yourself a model wife. 

Then spend $10k on a boat. 

I really want things to be good for you guys.
Islands are very nice
Utterly inconceivable.  Groids on a boat. 

The jews have gone too far this time.

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