Zachary Latham and the Dictatorship of the Wigger
If you don't know who Zachary Latham is, watch this video:

TLDW is that he was this 18 year old army wigger douchebag with a brown "wife" who lived with his grandparents and spent all his money on loud cars. He is probably an octoroon as he has that stuck up permanent uppity negro look, black eyes, dark features and negro behavior, like driving loud cars.

Not only did he introduce loud cars, which are typically found in latino and negro ghettos, to a quiet, old white people neighborhood, he did as much as he could to make as much noise as possible with them. He recorded himself on TikTok going 120 mph through the neighborhood purposefully to annoy people.

What should have happened is this: loud cars should be illegal, and his cars should have been seized by the police and turned into metal cubes. Making noise over 60 decibels to purposefully lower others quality of life should be considered battery, so he should have been arrested and put in jail for a year or so for that.

In a normal, non-negrofied nation, this is what would have happened. In a nation that worships the low, this did not happen.

Instead, one family decided they had enough and began to confront the wigger over his degenerate behavior. First, the mother of the family asked him to stop making the noise. He called her a Karen and posted her to TikTok. Then he posted their address to his TikTok which caused other wiggers and niggers to drive by  their house with loud cars which should be illegal and turned into metal cubes with no refunds. He also tried to run one of the sons of the family off the road.

Therefore the family confronted wigger at his grandparent's house. The wigger did everything he could to provoke them to enter and  then instead of fighting like a man, he started stabbing them like a punk. He has a history of doing that. At one point he was living in Florida and tried running someone off the road. When they got angry, he threatened them with a pellet gun in "self defense." He provokes people and then pulls weapons in "self defense", basically.

He killed the father of the family with a knife.

Now previously the wigger police had refused to do anything, since they are fat corrupt losers who worship the devil just like Zachary Latham. But finally there was some justice and the wigger was charged with manslaughter.

Sadly, People Power overruled this justice and the jury found him not guilty, even though he deserved to be dragged out of his house and beaten.

And he really should be beaten. Is it only me who notices his perennially smug douchebag face? Even two seconds after his trial is over he can't wipe smug off his face

In his mugshot after arrest he is smug. Is there anyone more deserving of daily beatings? People who look like this should be enslaved and forced to live and work in stinky sewers. Maybe that would wipe off the smugness.
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Some quick thoughts on this, firstly the embed code is your friend, secondly the rise of wiggerdom is something I have pondered for a time a worthy subject for a thread, I have summed up the overall trend in a phrase I like to use, theres no class anymore everyone is nigger. You can track it in newspaper articles or the on the street looks on tv any form of plain decent behavior that was the framework of our society has rotted away in lieu of this the raising arms at the idols of low society and going out to act on those values. Combine this with a bloated gray one size fits all government to act as the main and sole legal form of containment along with a cabal of O2 thief NGOs, there's much to lament.
[Image: 3RVIe13.gif]

“Power changes its appearance but not its reality.”― Bertrand De Jouvenel
(05-28-2023, 12:29 PM)GymChad Wrote: If you don't know who Zachary Latham is, watch this video:

What I find real interesting here is this video's presentation. The constant semi-relevant flood of clips from stupid normalfag tv shows that feel like they were selected by an algorithm. "Shot of two people", "shot of angry person", "bicycle chased by car". That and the normalfag/kiwifarms-american psychologising language. "Parasocial", "for clout", etc. Is the idea that I watch this and feel like I'm not a voyeuristic pervert freak? "No, no, you see I just watch the real perverts".

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