my response to Nabokov's list
Amis, Martin Great fantasist.
Moore, Alan First-rate. Loose-looking but very tense writing.
Toole, John A loving and sophisticated young book.
Kavanagh, Patrick A down-to-earth and sophisticated poet. Some of his poetry is genuinely profound. People should take his revolutionary journalism seriously.
Knausgaard, Karl Favorite between 30 and 35.
Yeats, William People should take his didacticism seriously. He is brilliant at describing young women. I love his criticism of religion.
Eliot, Thomas Favorite between 30 and 35.
Rushdie, Salman Favorite between 40 and 45.
Self, Will One of the worst artists in recent years.
Pushkin, Alexander Favorite between 28 and 34. A writer for adults.
albert speer

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