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If you were a religious dictator which Oriental philosophies would you follow?

Personally I would use the method of Confucius to impose a cruel system based on that of India as interpreted through the Bhagavad Gita. Of course my intention would be to impose it in Europe probably somewhere like Croatia like Gabriele D'Annunzio planned. This is obviously the Platonick ideal from which the reality would deviate.
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If your next post mentions an author or text without quoting them or trying to integrate the actual content of their ideas into the tedious syllogistic morass, you're permabanned.

It would make the most sense in establishing an Aristocracy that is separate from a peasant population. Taoism is also inherently amoral and it’s ascensionist attitude presupposes it toward eugenics through the modification(perfection) of the human form as well as longevity. Taoism is all about personal cultivation(although in my opinion goes in the wrong direction) of the individual and it wishes to transcend the feeble human form for the body of a god(immortal). It recognizes the peasantry to be on the same level as grass in value, meaning that they, like rice, are only there to be harvested(slaves, a resources) while the Taoist is intrinsically different by his love of the Tao and the need to Transcend that differentiates him from the mortal. It also works best with a Dictatorship(all power vested in one) as this is the nature of how sects operate in which Taoism finds it’s two forms(sect based and hermit based).

@Chud should I also add quotes from various Taoist sources?

@Chud should I also add quotes from various Taoist sources?
All you need to know about the Tao is how it came be interpreted by the guy who wrote the Chronicles of Narnia:

A very "kino" lecture, as the kids say.

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