the philosophy of powerful contemporary nations
During the second world war there were very clearly defined philosophies which politicians followed. I believe these can simply be written out in a few bullet points, in order of how close they are to the philosophy of Das Kapital by Marx.

das Kapital by Marx the tanakh
thelema by Crowley
the Doctrine of Fascism by Gentile aristotle
the Cantos by Pound
wagner the teachings of jesus
perennialism by Evola
mein Kampf by Hitler the city of god by augustine
freud the koran 
what is to be done by Lenin summa theologiae by aquinas 
nietzsche the talmud
transcendental magick by Levi


Of the following contemporary nations which of the philosophies do they most closely follow?

Prussia -
Russia -
Pakistan -
India -
Iran -
Israel -
South-East Asia -
China -
Japan -
albert speer
(03-27-2023, 03:51 PM)flamenigga69 Wrote: Registered just today, posting nonsense without elaborating? How is Nietzsche anything like the Talmud?

i always assumed the way in which Gentile advised Mussolini was similar to how Aristotle advised Alexander. Feel free to disprove this. If this is true then Hitler's deviation from Mussolini seems similar to Augustine's deviation from Aristotle. Once again feel free to disprove that. If Lenin is therefore like Aquinas then we can only conclude that Freud coming between Hitler and Lenin must be like Muhammad who also represents the point between Augustine and Aquinas. If Freud is like Muhammad then Also Sprach Zarathustra must be like the Talmud.
albert speer
I think philosophy nerds are niggers
Is there no moderation on this website? This person doesn't seem to be providing any proof that what I have written is of no value. My suspicion is that he just doesn't know anything about half or even two thirds of the writers and books I have mentioned.
albert speer

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