Historical Amarnites
This is a thread for posting about men of the past who would be Amarnite material today. We shall start with the eminent genius Erwin Schrödinger.

Schrödinger kept a record of his sexual liaisons including young maidens he sexually conquered in a diary he called Ephemeridae, in which he stated a "predilection for teenage girls on the grounds that their innocence was the ideal match for his natural genius".[43]

At the age of 39, Schrödinger tutored 14-year-old "Ithi" Junger. As John Gribbin recounted in his 2012 biography of Schrödinger, "As well as the maths, the lessons included 'a fair amount of petting and cuddling' and Schrödinger soon convinced himself that he was in love with Ithi".[44] Schrödinger assured Junger she would not become pregnant, and raped her at 17. She later became pregnant and had an abortion that left her sterile.[43][45] Schrödinger left her soon after and moved on to other targets.[46] Kate Nolan, a pseudonym used by surviving family to protect the victim, was also impregnated by Schrödinger amid claims of a lack of "consent."

Carlo Rovelli notes in his book Helgoland that Schrödinger "always kept a number of relationships going at once – and made no secret of his fascination with preadolescent girls". In Ireland, Rovelli writes, he had one child each from two students[47] identified in a Der Standard article as being a 26-year-old and a married political activist of unknown age.[45] While carrying out research into a family tree, Bernard Biggar uncovered reports of Schrödinger grooming his cousin, Barbara MacEntee, when she was 12 years old.[43] Apparently, her uncle, the mathematician and priest Pádraig de Brún, advised Schrödinger to no longer pursue her,[45] and Schrödinger later wrote in his journal that she was one of his "unrequited loves".[48] MacEntee died in 1995, with the accounts emerging posthumously.[49]

Walter Moore's biography of the scientist outlined that Schrödinger's attitude towards women was "essentially that of a male supremacist",[50] an assessment corroborated by Helge Kragh in his review of Moore's biography, "The conquest of women, especially very young women, was the salt of life for this sincere romantic and male chauvinist".[5

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