Jordan Peterson Wants You to Win
Men sometimes seek "self-help" advice to "become motivated". They read affirmations, listen to gurus, listen to JBP destroy the woke mob with facts and logic, whatever. I do not doubt that these things produce excitement for like thirty seconds after they are consumed. What, though, can sustainably bring motivation to a man?

The following excerpt from the superior, wise, divinely inspired, vastly influential, very popular, and absolutely tremendous Templist Canon:

"a man gains motivation by gaining victories, and loses motivation by losing them. Sustainable motivation is not a matter of pure willpower. If it were, any man who willed to be motivated would become motivated rather than seek to become motivated. Yet, men frequently seek to become motivated. Sustainable motivation is a matter of physiology, where the bodies of men who lose are demotivated to ensure they fall in line, do not seek high value mates or many mates, and protect themselves from challenges they cannot handle. The bodies of men who win are motivated to ensure they will lead others with their superior strength, seek high value mates or many mates, and take on challenges that they can handle. Were it not for this, every man would constantly be at war with other men, and would take on challenges that he cannot take on. Men would never realize their places or their limitations. This would not only be detrimental to a given man, but to society.

The ability of a man to increase or decrease his motivation by experiencing subsequent victories or failures exists for the reason that some men are strong in some environments, yet weak in others. Thus, if the environment changes, the hierarchy of men must also change. To some extent, a man is capable of changing his own environment, and the way he interacts with it. To some extent, he is also motivated enough to pursue new competitions. To these extents, a man can increase his motivation to succeed by gaining new victories."

Testosterone levels are correlated with competitiveness. Winning increases long term testosterone levels. Losing decreases long term testosterone levels. Doesn't matter what it is, as long it evokes the feeling of winning or losing for you. There's a name, I forgot, for a relevant biological phenomenon, where males of a species will ritualistically sham-fight. They are biologically programmed to concede based on the outcome of that fight, so that they further eugenics without fighting to the death constantly and killing everybody. Somebody know?

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