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Filling the occasionally-mentioned niche of a "detached" version of KF. Neutral observations about figures of whatever note who exist online. Or at least keeping it relatively neutral

Incidentally this is maybe the first place online really fit to discuss one such person I have kept on eye on for the past six or seven years. It would be unsuitable to discuss such a person in a space with idiots who can't properly appreciate things. It goes without saying to the users of this site, but in case any others find this OP: don't go and start fucking with or raiding those mentioned here. There's a significant chance my OP alone will be one of the only posts online observing the figure in question, and others that are brought up here may also have small and fragile online presences that CAN be easily disturbed. Quiet the megalomaniac impulse for just a moment so we can theoretically have some Nice Things amongst ourselves. 


Thankfully for all of us he provides his own (rather illustrative) theme to this thread. And it was actually on /mu/ where I first found Joe Aufricht, though not this "song", but another one of his classics known as "Horny with a Chick". This was a post in a cringe thread that had zero replies, and similarly the rest of the internet is more or less entirely ignorant of him. 

Joe's videos are either these chants and weird dances or extremely detailed recounting of a specific period of his life when he was a 13-14 and had a romantic obsession with a 9 year old girl named Diane. It's clear that Joe "has something" although much of the spastic, bizarre behavior exhibited above is clearly INTENTIONAL and fully under his control. Friends and I suspect that Joe is similar to Ulililia and has some form of extreme OCD. The period Joe recalls was a very active one and involved criminal charges against him due to his strange and often threatening behavior towards Diane and her parents.

I don't much care for the culture of the 60s and 70s, but I often feel considerable nostalgia for it. Like somehow memories my dad had of that time transferred through my blood into my own mind and I can just feel it. Joe Aufricht's detailed memory is sort of a living exhibit of this. The melancholy I feel at this time is the obvious and palpable sense of freedom. The world was just accessible enough that you were no longer bound for life to small, local customs and still too remote for the all-encompassing nanny state. I don't have any reason to believe Joe is making things up or telling us falsehoods. He tells a story at some point about a military recruiter telling him to lie and say he wasn't diagnosed with a mental illness and then deciding later on he didn't enjoy being in the military and telling them he lied, and thus being discharged. It doesn't seem like institutions or even just other people have such a lax attitude now. Just a cozy little trial run of the military and then you get out ezmode by telling them you actually lied. How fun. 

He's also apparently lived in the same house since the age he often tells stories about. Which just adds another layer to this theme of being a living exhibit of another time. Interestingly, Joe seems like a degenerate but nonetheless for an obviously somewhat crazy person he seems to get on in society okay. He seems to be able to make friends due to his eccentricity, not in spite of, and is in control enough his behavior to have a reasonably dignified existence insofar as someone like him could. 

I think Joe would have a MUCH worse life now. Both on the institutional level and in terms of his peers and the kind of friendships he would form. I think as is Joe got off pretty well, essentially being allowed to have this unusual OCD obsession with a girl way younger than him, stalk and do fucked up or weird shit to get her attention even to the point of making her family hate him to his heart's content, and get away with it and just live a normal / peaceful adult life. There's some very clear advantages to the old, neglectful approach to "mental health" on display here.

There's a lot more history than I have dug into here, due to Joe's compulsion his experiences are well-catalogued and even on a pre-internet cassette tape called "Mockery & Perversion". I wouldn't go so far as to call him an outsider artist, but he is a really good example of a KIND of outsider and how our previous society dealt with them and whst their ultimate outcome could look like.
I once saw a guy at court wearing a Metallica jacket. Like it was formal wear but metal merchandise. He looked kind of like this guy. Ageing metal guy is a very sad image.

Anyway as I said in the KF thread, here's Jaime Mantzel. He might get his own thread one day but for now he made his own youtube documentary about himself, no need for Down the Rabbit Hole.

We wonder about guys who would be doing worse today, or could have been doing better in other times. Mantzel is a really interesting case. Extraordinarily sharp guy who wants to always be doing stuff and is constantly frustrated by the world. Rather than going insane or burning out he's managed to secure a Captain Fantastic style existence for himself built just about entirely with his own two hands. This guy really does build constantly. I'm kind of amazed this guy doesn't own youtube considering how many niches he hits. He has kids, animals, builds bizarre shit, is very eccentric but positively sociable. Just watch the movie and see what I mean.
anthony Wrote:Just watch the movie and see what I mean.

Very interesting find. I watch a few people vaguely in this vein, but less extreme, more viral, parts of it remind me of CodysLab and others. Lot of WOMAN MOMENTS in this too, which seems common for intelligent proactive guys like this who are honest above all else. It's unquestionable Gynocracy is a big obstacle for these types, and I can imagine them drawing special ire from certain people who are big defenders of gynocentrism on twitter as well.

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