Russia and the End of the World
The invasion of Ukraine has thrust Russia right back into the spotlight of global history, after several years of China and its meme virus wasting our lives away.

Unfortunately, what we see in Russia is the story of a millennium-long tragedy approaching its sad and sorry conclusion.

In a recent speech, Putin rattled off a list of ethnic minorities to praise for their struggle in the war effort, re-joining, "I am a Lak, I am a Tatar, I am a Jew..."

 This was after his explicit framing of the war as "de-nazification" and his announcing of a global "anti-fascist conference" featuring the Global South's great and good (including India AND Pakistan). The latest farce is a video of various brown people saying to "Stop Russian Hate." 

What are we to make of this? 

The Bolsheviks never pandered; they waged a war of annihilation against anti-Semitism, Christianity, and Russian chauvinism...and won! And yet still we see experts stating how crucial it is that Putin pander to every goblin and orc in Eurasia, lest the Federation collapse!

Russia is explicitly positioning itself as a Eurasian, Third Worldist power; the Asiatic  Horde, at last. It is a sight comparable to seeing a man carefully and methodically slice his own legs off. It is a self-imposed hobbling akin to America's own controlled demolition by diversity.

What is Russia, truly? Is it the Chabadim, and their shadowy cabal? No - it is the doom of the Khazar empire, and the annihilation of their capital Atil! Is it the Tatar yoke? No - it is the burning of Kazan, and the Tatar's own abject submission!

It is the greatest Drang noch Osten the world has ever known - the elevation of a great boreal riverine empire, an unrelenting drive to the Pacific, crushing everything in its path. An almighty soaring strike against the Other, a Manifest Destiny concurrent with America's own, with Cossacks and Siberians instead of cowboys and Indians. Beauty and power and grace and violence.

The Aryan spirit birthed Russia, as Rurik laid a dynasty that would unite the Eastern Slavic cities. It drove Russia to claim dominion over the North, and the East, but only fitfully the West, where it faced its own blood, and was bloodied in turn.

Russia is currently in the process of ripping out its own spirit, its own beautiful white light. What survived after the Bolshevik terror state imploded is weak and frail, but alive still. For now. It must survive. Russia was an attack on the Other as great as any by the Anglo-Saxon.

The Great Game, where oceanic and continental Aryan power crossed swords, is long gone. The Rothschilds and the Bolsheviks took the greatest living weapons the Aryan race had ever produced, and melted them down into scrap.

Both must return. Both must revive. The Great Awakening began in the Anglosphere, and it will end somewhere else.

I surely cannot be alone in this - can I?
Very nice post OP. I recommend that everyone inspired by this subject read Gobineau if they haven't already.
Thank you, Anthony.

"For me, it's Gobineau's kino Orientalist misadventures in Persia."

Russia is, presently, massively flawed, in all the ways I've mentioned, and more. Yet its eugenic potential is so very great. I have admittedly developed a fixation on Russia as a vision for our future.  

I have a recurring fantasy where I am in the gondola of an airship, flying slowly over Siberia, while strains of the beginning of Das Rheingold float around. I see the Lena Pillars' alien eminence, and the stark world's end that is Kamchakta, and beautiful Atlasov, which should be as famous as Everest or the Matterhorn...

As for Heil...the Soviet Union was not based, not even slightly. It took control of a largely racist population, and had to work with that - but that's all. I would write another full effortpost on Soviet cringe, but I'm too tired at the moment, it being 5am where I live.
Even before the Soviet Union, Russia has had a precedent of describing itself as a "protector of the orient". I cant remember the name of the document, but there was an imperial proclamation criticizing western colonization of Asia as inhumane and an uprooter of great civilizations. Russia, as a respectful custodian of oriental peoples through centuries of interactions is then obligated to protect these countries from further incursions by the west through paternalistic imperialism. You shouldnt be surprised when Russia does this, the "europhile" period in Russian history is very short in comparison to the embrace of it's own separate identity and perceived obligations.
Sharmat - it's not a matter of a surprise, it's a matter of regression and weakness. Every empire does this - man is full of weakness himself, after all.

Warren Hastings, the first Governor-General of Bengal and the man who laid the foundations for the British Raj, was impeached on charges of corruption. The prosecution was led by Edmund Burke, who condemned Hastings for his brutality and iniquity in his treatment of India, criticising him for attempting to create an empire! Hastings himself was eventually acquitted, but nearly came close to bankruptcy!

Similarly - the slave trade, and Britain's role in shortening its lifespan by several decades or more. 

Yet now, among the dissident right and within the ranks of our enemies, the British Empire is still regarded as the epitome of White supremacy and the pinnacle of Aryan expansion.

To sum up, liberal and paternalistic attitudes in empires are nothing new, and they represent a form of stagnation.  It does not mean the forces which created and sustained those empires does not exist - on the contrary - otherwise the liberalising forces would have nothing to complain about.

Finally - the only reason that the settlers and cowboys were considered genocidal and the Cossacks not is quite simply the unique Native American isolation, which gave them extreme vulnerability to Eurasian pathogens. Aside from that, several Siberian peoples had their numbers severely reduced or nearly wiped out by the advancing Cossacks. There was even a Russian version of General Custer!
It's less of a degeneration and a core part of the Russian identity. In the Primary Chronicle, Nestor narrates that the Varangians were invited into Eastern Europe as rulers due to the internal discord, establishing the basis of what would become Russia. Russia really is just a different type of civilization than that which exists in the west, and basically every country in Europe (particularly those in Northern Europe) recognized it as such (though unfairly grouped it under oriental despotism). I don't think there has ever existed a Russia which played this role, it's very unlike the west in so far as this paternalistic attitude was a degeneration of an original colonial zeal (though I think you overplay the discontinuity here. Slavery was in it's own right considered a paternalistic institution which would raise up half-civilized races to the best they could. Colonialism was very much considered a humanitarian affair, with early opposition largely coming from conservatives).

Yes, and English history  truly begins with the Norman Conquest - and with the Glorious Revolution, inviting a Dutch king, another chapter began. Not much difference there. 

There's nothing unique here, just special pleading, mainly from those still seething at the memory of Peter the Great, who proved them all wrong. The Orthodox Church bends over backwards to prove its mystical distinction from the Popish heathens.
People read into it too much.

This would be the equivalent of Biden praising blacks and injuns and spics, before oh so coincidentally sending them into a meat grinder.

Foreigner auxiliaries, a staple of every big state. Doesn't mean that Russia became some sort of anti white jew state fighting for white genocide or whatever.
While the thread is relatively old, I think its very important and deserves answer.
First of all-its hard for us, as westerners and people with, I assume for most, little lived experience with russians and adjacent nations to truly understand Russia. I'd say Russia does not seem to truly understand herself, the gap left by USSR was plastered, not filled, and it will remain so until Putins death, if not even longer. Russian civilazational destiny is yet undecided.
As for russian anti-imperialism, I dont think it has any truly ideological meaning besides seeking allies against increasingly hostile NATO-remember that Hitler also attempted to ally anti-colonial movements in India and ME. So far Putin seems to be bent on building russian identity as non-racial, cultural construct, while also trying to make it clearly dominant internally-decision to declare russians as state-forming peoples is illustrative of that. As a racialist I dont believe that will work out-after Putins death we will see whether Russia takes a nationalist, racist course that seems to be increasingly popular among youth(as well as liberal beliefs, unfortunately) or sinks further into eurasiansim and be overrun by minorities the way US whites are outbred by mexicans and asians.

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