The Plight of the Hazcel
I’m sure most of you are at least aware of Infrared, basically Marxist-Leninists who’ve rebranded as patriotic socialists or conservative Stalinists to ride the cultural wave of conservative nationalism and anti-wokeness. Hazcels can be seen mostly as a movement of ethnics, typically diaspora, who witnessing and sympathizing with the rise of the online right, but unable to partake in or agree with it on personal identity-based grounds, set out to create their own mimicry of online right politics, culture, and memes, which inevitably takes on a third-worldist character. This is what I call the ‘plight’ of the Hazcel, and there are several characteristics that define it.

Firstly, Hazcels don’t seem to actually “believe” in communism. By communism I mean a stateless, classless society. Their programme boils down to worshipping centralized states that could be construed as 'based' or Soviet-esque. As far as I can tell class conflict rhetoric among Hazcels goes as far as MAGA economic populism against the elites. Most of the time pretensions of class struggle are rarely entertained and they’ll openly admit their ideology is about a civilizational struggle between a based, inherently collectivist east vs a degenerate, liberal-individualist west. This is usually accompanied by worship of the Mongols or any other vaguely Eurasian historical civilization. I recall a Haz tweet in which he lists the Mughals, Ottomans, Mongols as being ‘socialist’ societies. This commitment is to the aesthetics and politics of a highly centralized collectivist eastern empire, not a Marxist society.

This travels over into the other notable ideological trait of Hazcels, and the one which exposes their origins most clearly. Their beliefs are essentially indistinguishable from a circa 2020 third positionist minus the explicit ethnic nationalism. Their critique of RWers isn’t some appeal to humanitarianism or egalitarianism but accusing RWers of being “degenerate transgender Nazis”. Fascism isn’t capitalism in decay anymore but ‘crisis liberalism’. Their conception of liberalism is also identical to that of many third positionists or even post-liberals. Infrared is very obviously based off of aping the online right. The assault on the west and on Europeans is about calling them gay and weak and degenerate, not racist or genocidal (though they do that too). Infrared is third worldism in its purest form. It is ethnics who have similar concerns to those which would make a white man become right wing, but because of their identity they cannot, and so it instead becomes third world nationalism instead of white nationalism. Racialized Marxism isn’t anything new, and was nothing more than an inevitable result of Marxism becoming submerged into a global world system. An ethnic-class oppressor vs oppressed dynamic is present already in Lenin’s writings on self-determination and imperialism, being fully realized by the Chinese. When pushed an argument, a Hazcel will almost certainly devolve into some form of “while you Europeans were living in mud huts, we was building civilizations”, or other typical third worlder resentments, or praising how China will soon overtake the west and rule the world. Infrared is the online right for resentful ethnics.

I want to dwell briefly on the existence of white Hazcels. Although most are expectedly MENA or asian, there are a number of white Hazcels. I believe the plight which creates them is almost the same as the conditions which create irony leftists: discontentment and an attachment to populism and an emergent online right culture, but an unwillingness to be racist. This generally ends in framing the recent populist wave solely in economics rather than correctly in identity/anti-immigration terms. They both share a commitment to the idea that racial strife is manufactured by elites to divide the masses which is their ideological reasoning to refuse to accept racism. The difference is that irony leftists seem to be mostly millennials, whereas Hazcels are overwhelmingly zoomers as far as I can tell. Stalin worship is fairly common even on the right, and used to be far more so. “He reopened the churches!”, “He banned abortion!”, “He criminalized homosexuality!” etc. Even people like Nick Fuentes will praise Stalin purely out of the appeal of a strong man figure. I believe this Stalinist philia is another root of the white Hazcel. It’s a commitment to economic populism and social conservatism with aesthetics far more radical than the ideas themselves are. If Haz himself were to drop Marxism he could join the sphere of conservative content creators and fit in without issue.
Too many threads on Haz now. Although that recent blow up with Anj, Martin, and Haz was entertaining.
Phenomena of that sort are actually very easy to explain: Mud-monkeys like living in white countries and know that white nationalists would kick them out, so they do everything they can to sweet-talk white men away from WN positions.
(05-29-2023, 10:31 PM)Guest Wrote: so they do everything they can to sweet-talk white men away from WN positions.

I don't see this for one they live under the delusion humanity is a meaningful identity to base onself on hence the slavish love of cultural works in that vein like 40k and the like and they clearly focus audience efforts on people like themselves and not any theoretical white converts.
[Image: 3RVIe13.gif]

“Power changes its appearance but not its reality.”― Bertrand De Jouvenel
They love fellaheen empires because they're mostly of fellaheen heritage themselves. Haz is an Arabized Levantine, many of his followers are similarly Middle Eastern and Chinese diaspora.
(05-29-2023, 10:31 PM)Guest Wrote: Phenomena of that sort are actually very easy to explain: Mud-monkeys like living in white countries and know that white nationalists would kick them out, so they do everything they can to sweet-talk white men away from WN positions.

I don't think you see this that much with Hazoids as compared to non-white trads who complain about race idolatry or irony leftists who try to focus on irrelevant class conflict. Yes Hazoids are mostly diaspora, but at the heart of all of their stances is a third worldist non-white nationalism coming from themselves. I suppose they may seek to sweet-talk white men from WN, but not from nationalism itself such as some trads and other leftists do.
I am not sure if Infrared will gain popularity beyond its devoted followers, I have doubts, but the basic gist of their beliefs may eventually take root in coming decades. I have a habit of lurking around certain Internet personalities I find insufferable, not in an A-Logger way, but to accumulate information about them for future reference. The usual result is observing a Twitter third-worldist type who reveals embarrassing details to his followers. Infrared / Haz was one of them during the time of 2021-early 2022, but this eventually became too tiresome to handle.
My impression is that the original intent of the project was to attract White followers, then shifted more to the inclusion of non-whites over time. It would be worthwhile for a thread to focus on what types of White leftists exist, and how they coordinate with one another, but this was chiefly intended for a Marxist-Leninist, or "tankie", base. This itself is a loose category, considering the affinity a lot of Marxist-Leninists have for non-whites, and a great many minds plagued by works like J. Sakai's Settlers. Certain lolworthy personalities of this kind would be Jason Unruhe. This schism is strong enough to play a key role in Infrared's development
The beginnings of his channel were not promising. The structure of the early videos were geared around interviews with members of the Infrared "cast" (note: there are about eight on the team of Infrared, but they apparently choose to be mostly silent and let Screaming Arab Man take the podium), and whatever person willing to be on a sub-100 subscriber YouTube channel. One of these was a twitter user under the name "cockydoody", an alpha tester for the game Cruelty Squad. I don't remember the specifics of the conversation other than a mutual fixation on Lyndon LaRouche, but it might still be on the channel. The video essays that were published around that short period of time and thereafter also are not suitable for widespread popularity: instead of Screaming Arab Man, it is an Asian man with a repulsive, nasally voice. During 2022, these videos were still published on a regular basis, despite the archived streams and debate edits having much more views in comparison.
The streams themselves served the project greatly, with his "Mongolian" rant sporting 1 million views under a different channel. Despite the fact that no other event could be of equal use, Haz prized the event nonetheless and has profited off it in different forms. I remember he had even demanded his stream viewers to keep rewatching the video under a different channel. I think that his future rants about Islam and that "the Mongols were the first socialists" is an attempt to recapture this interest, but none of these tactics have worked to his advantage as much as the video once did. Meanwhile, his attempts to battle "BreadTube" (Vaush, SocDoneLeft, etc.) did not illustrate much success, as these channels were far too large, and any impact Haz supposedly made on its audience was limited. He would accuse the fans and creators of "BreadTube" to be racist and the Real Nazis partly due to this failure, because his antics of screaming would be seen as retardation rather than something memeworthy. Alongside the repeated debates with Destiny, this was the usual for some time. He had kindled a vague alliance with some small YouTube channels considered "fascist", but the alliance was shortlived and gave life to the "why u have anime girl in profile pic" phrase Hazoids use.
It was apparent around this time that Infrared was a dying channel, because its focus revolved around debating other popular youtubers for thirty minutes, getting booted from their stream, then rambling for an hour to a stream of 800 viewers. Because his main promise was that the CPUSA would become a party of influence in 2036, such conditions do not bode well for dedicated followers. This, then, inspired the turn to patriotism. If the larger pool of BreadTubers could not be thwarted, then White third-worldists could be a useful target. These would include vocal supporters of #LandBack (mission of giving US land back to alcoholic Injuns), Jason Unruhe, and others. This revitalized his channel and gave him the opportunity of enforcing a view on patriotism. It is essentially that the Founding Fathers should be looked upon with admiration, but also that the founding of America shouldn't be seen through a racial lens. This is an almost impossible position to have for a White leftist, and naturally few would be useful followers of this. Whether done intentionally or not, it was catnip for Ellis Islanders and non-whites, as it allowed them the opportunity to assimilate into a feeling of national patriotism without any racial requirement.
I haven't focused on his account much around this point, but the larger presence of non-whites allying themselves with the Infrared channel seems sufficient proof to say that his ethnic background betrayed his attempt to convert White leftists; in fact, it could only attract those of a similar position in society. This is the strange ideological parameter that the Infrared project finds itself in, since it cannot attract many White leftists, but also cannot attract overly resentful non-whites. There was a video illustrating the latter failure early on in the career.
A better voice for seething racial resentment against Whites cannot be found.
Very good and cutting OP.

I suspect there's a "Stranger in a Strange Land" type sensation in Westernized non-Whites who might reject the insane propaganda preached by USA + West-Euro countries, yet resent the White could-be "fellow-travelers" experiencing similar sentiments but with THEIR OWN ethnic interests in mind rather than THEIRS. They're simultaneously alienated from both their parent-culture and the "culture" of the countries their mother and father immigrated to. The would-be coolie blames Whitey for any entrenching global plight because their concerns orbit entirely around him, and so he decrees that further suckling the teat of the White man's wages is "retributive justice".

Never mind that any raising of "Socialism, yo!" in 2023 is utterly out of date and retrograde. Non-White cargo-cultism perpetuates to the last White man.

Quote:Phenomena of that sort are actually very easy to explain: Mud-monkeys like living in white countries and know that white nationalists would kick them out, so they do everything they can to sweet-talk white men away from WN positions.

This might be hitting a root of it.
(07-14-2023, 01:42 AM)JohnTrent Wrote: ...
Since he has attracted the attention of heavensite accounts for defending the South Africa "Kill the Boer" chant, I thought I should include this story I encountered when observing his content. Can't believe this didn't cross my mind when writing the post, since it is crucial to understanding his character and reaffirms the impressions of other posters here. He once revealed (without much thought) that as a teenager he used to run a pro-Lebanon nationalist account on YouTube, and described some of his posts as "something that'd attract Fed attention". Unfortunately the video clip discussing this cannot be found on YouTube, could have been deleted during the time MAGACommunism was coined.
Pair this with image below and you will surmise what may have been said on that pro-Lebanon YouTube page.
[Image: Fx-K4wy-QXs-AANRuc.png]
(08-01-2023, 09:14 PM)JohnTrent Wrote: [Image: Fx-K4wy-QXs-AANRuc.png]

[Image: image.png]

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