Ageing: Hope, Cope and Rope
I wanted to open a discussion on the fear of ageing, both male and female, but primarily male. Different cultures held different views on the prime of life, and of the functions and effects of ageing.

In the face of the existential terror it wields, many faced it, embraced it, or fled from it.

Just opening up a discussion thread on the subject, more or less.

For myself: I have always had a great fear of ageing, and it likely won't ever truly leave me. I look quite young for my age (almost 25), but even now I feel I notice slight changes since, say, 2015. I'm at the "cope" stage.

I also want to note that the structure of this forum lends naturally to everyone wanting to post in General Discussion to maximise exposure. No way of offsetting that?
All my antagonism against decadence aside, I don't think there's nothing wrong with aging. I also don't think decay truly begins until after 40, even later for more energetic people. Of course, some of the best pleasures of being young, like the feeling of growing larger and better at very long strides, disappear as time passes by. But in most cases, I think someone's "prime" should be in their 30s, when the most necessary learning has been done, has found a way to live life, and can move through it with both energy and confidence. I think peaking before your 30s is almost always a bad sign, besides certain, almost ideal, cases.

Problem with norwood "aging", and that is quite frequent with millenials, is that it embraces the conformism and stagnation that comes with entering a stable middle age as something virtuous while at the same time having absolutely no inner growth whatsoever beyond falling into a middle class job and getting a girlfriend. Norwood style of humor is particularly childish (in the worst of ways), their worldview is purely determined by the feelings certain images project on them, they let their entire personalities be determined by figures of authority,... Getting rid of attitudes like that is what should be properly called "maturity", and it's one of the main advantages that a 25 year old tends to have over a 17 year old. There's no such an advantage for norwoids. Instead, they just stagnated at a certain point in their lives and rebranded their stagnation as maturity.
Quote:Generally speaking a man should not publicly take part in politics before he has reached the age of thirty, though, of course, exceptions must be made in the case of those who are naturally gifted with extraordinary political abilities. That at least is my opinion to-day. And the reason for it is that until he reaches his thirtieth year or thereabouts a man’s mental development will mostly consist in acquiring and sifting such knowledge as is necessary for the groundwork of a general platform from which he can examine the different political problems that arise from day to day and be able to adopt a definite attitude towards each. A man must first acquire a fund of general ideas and fit them together so as to form an organic structure of personal thought or outlook on life - a Weltanschhauung. Then he will have that mental equipment without which he cannot form his own judgments on particular questions of the day, and he will have acquired those qualities that are necessary for consistency and steadfastness in the formation of political opinions. Such a man is now qualified, at least subjectively, to take his part in the political conduct of public affairs.
Quote:When a man has reached his thirtieth year he has still a great deal to learn. That is obvious. But henceforward what he learns will principally be an amplification of his basic ideas; it will be fitted in with them organically so as to fill up the framework of the fundamental Weltanschhauung which he already possesses. What he learns anew will not imply the abandonment of principles already held, but rather a deeper knowledge of those principles. And thus his colleagues will never have the discomforting feeling that they have been hitherto falsely led by him. On the contrary, their confidence is increased when they perceive that their leader’s qualities are steadily developing along the lines of an organic growth which results from the constant assimilation of new ideas; so that the followers look upon this process as signifying an enrichment of the doctrines in which they themselves believe, in their eyes every such development is a new witness to the correctness of that whole body of opinion which has hitherto been held.
The ideal male "prime" lookswise is when you can be described either a masculine 25 year old or a handsome 35 year old imo.

From the guys I've known who really take care of themselves physically said they noticed they lost lean mass in their late/mid 40s and started to slowdown at that age. They've been lifting natty for long they don't really care about benching 4 plates or that they were stronger in their youth they've moved onto other goals (flexility, calisthenics)

Seems like the best way to offset aging is w the feeling of accomplishment and avoiding stagnation
The unwillingness to age in an ageing society that more and more neurotically worships youth is not surprising at all. If you don't like ageing, you already have internalized the lefty narrative that your final destination, the old white male, is undesirable. At most, it has to do with our inability to provide a place of respect for the old and wise. But in a society that rejects wisdom, oh how could you hope for that?
>more and more neurotically worships youth

i want proof of this, and proof strong enough to stand against the identification of worship-objects which intuitively follows from observing both the behavior and rhetoric of nearly everybody in power, but also of the population at large, during the events of 2020-2021.
(04-02-2022, 08:00 AM)Guest Wrote: >more and more neurotically worships youth

i want proof of this, and proof strong enough to stand against the identification of worship-objects which intuitively follows from observing both the behavior and rhetoric of nearly everybody in power, but also of the population at large, during the events of 2020-2021.


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